Beyond organic

People always ask us “are LUMI products organic?” The answer is more complex than you might be prepared for.

For our ingredients, “natural” is important for us. But it’s not enough. We also demand sustainability and ethical production chains. We follow a simple principle: our innovative formulas have to benefit your skin’s core functions and our planet.

We aim to go Beyond organic. For example, a few of our ingredients are wild-harvested. It’s not feasible to certify plants that are growing wild in nature. We use cold-pressed hemp, partly because hemp is one of the most sustainable crops grown in the Northern Hemisphere; 100% of the plant can be used, and it is CO2-positive (meaning production consumes more CO2 than it gives off).

Beyond certification

There are many, many, many certification programmes – EcoCert, Pro-Cert, LACON, CERES, Nautrue, et al. Why do we choose to go against the flow of the hundreds of brands that have applied for certification?

Firstly, certification is very expensive. Those costs would be passed along to you, the consumer. And while we applaud the big brands that can afford to do it, we question how effective these programmes can be.

Certification is often very superficial. Auditing is a rigid system based on papertrails, not on actual process. It creates a closed circle; once a company applies for certification, they can only work with other companies who are within that certification system. We prefer to work with small local players who usually don’t have money to apply for fancy certifications.

Instead, we spend a lot of time researching and choosing our supply partners. We visit them and work closely with them to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected, the crops are grown traditionally and sustainably, and everyone gets a fair price for their work. We think that’s a better way to operate.

What do we do?

When we say Beyond organic, we take this responsibility seriously. We know we have to earn your trust, so we explain what we stand for on every box. Honesty and transparency is important for us; in our ingredients list, we indicate our compounds’ origins. We also explain the LUMI philosophy, with a series of icons:


We’ve chosen the road less followed, but it feels natural and right for us. Beyond organic is a promise that we will always do our best to earn your trust in us.

If you have questions about our ingredients, methods or values, we’re always ready to talk. Write us at: