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7 Summer Recommendations to Ensure Sun-soaked Health


  1. Protect your head. Headwear provides a shade on your face and shoulders to protect against UVB/UVA, which can also damage your hair. Suitable options would be a wide hat, baseball cap or light scarf.
    Textile designer Karl Korsar recommends natural fabrics such as silk and wool that allow your skin to breathe. See Karl’s scarves here.
  2. Wear Sunglasses. Sun protection is needed by the eye itself, as well as the highly delicate skin around your eyes – it is the thinnest epidermis on our body. Make sure that your glasses offer protection from UVA radiation. Squinting can lead to fine lines, so choose larger, darker frames. Larger frames also mean more UV protection.
  3. Eat your Antioxidants. Our body needs antioxidants to neutralising vast amounts of free radicals that UV radiation produces. Without neutralisation, free radicals cause a stressful mess in the human body and enhance the ageing processes.
    Nutritional therapist Dr. Annely Soots gives the following advice: “As a rule of thumb, your menu should include a rainbow spectrum of fruit and vegetables with half of it eaten raw.” This will provide you with the most important antioxidants for our skin: vitamins C, E, A and B.
    According to studies, wild bilberries have the highest antioxidant levels, so we should value it properly!
  4. Be good to your skin. UV radiation, pollution and stress all have an impact on our skin, reducing our defence mechanisms and speeding up ageing. Use skincare products that provide your skin with antioxidants to neutralise free radicals so that they do not harm our collagen stores or cell DNA.LUMI Superbloom geelkonsentraat
    Our Superbloom Series facial products brim with vitamins, valuable fatty acids and minerals. Try light Superbloom Gel Concentrate or the somewhat richer Superbloom Face Serum (or mix them together as done by Helen, CEO of LUMI). Or choose our light LUMI Antioxidant Day Cream.
  5. With suncream, go natural. It is important to find a product that provides protection against both UVB and UVA and has a suitable protection factor. We recommend products which use mineral blockers such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in non-nano form among the ingredients (zinc oxide provides better UVA protection).Take care when choosing products with chemical blockers. We suggest you look for products containing Tinosorb M/Milestab 360 (methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol), Tinosorb S/ Escalol S (bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine), Mexoryl SX (terephthalylidene dicamphor sulfonic acid), Mexoryl XL (Drometrizole trisiloxane), Uvinul A Plus (diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate). All of the above are extremely photostable compounds that have no negative effect on our hormonal system. These compounds are used in La Roche-Posay products and Ambre Solaire by Garnier, and many other brands.Avoid products containing fragrances and retinyl palmitate (see section VI above), para amino benzoic acid, octyl salicylate, cinoxate, dioxybenzone, phenylbenzimidazole, homosalate, menthyl anthranilate, octocrylene, methoxycinnamate, oxybenzone. Also avoid products that contain nanoparticles; these can be absorbed into your system and have been found to accumulate in your lungs, brain and intestines.
  6. Clean delicately. After sunbathing, it is important to remove sun cream. LUMI Moisturising Cleansing Milk is perfect for this. The delicate yet efficient product will thoroughly remove oil-soluble chemical sun blockers as well as mineral protective substances. LUMI Refreshing Birch Mist is an excellent product to freshen up your face in the summer heat.
  7. Don’t forget aftercare. Taking care of your skin after sunbathing is important. Sun exposure, swimming and sand all dry out your skin. LUMI Revitalising Body Oil is an excellent choice for moisturising the body and restoring skin resilience, and to give your skin a beautiful golden glow. If you have overdone the sunbathing and have a sunburn, we recommend LUMI Arctic Face Cream as an SOS treatment. It will mattify, relieve inflammation and provide a needed moisture boost.