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About us

Creating LUMI skin care products, we always use premium-quality raw materials. Our guiding principle is to create a skin care line that is safe, but effective. Most products are based on hemp seed oil to be able to use the hemp grown in Estonia. Due to its properties, hemp seed oil is suitable for sensitive and problematic skin, which is exactly why we decided to also choose other ingredients that would be suitable for sensitive skin. Even a natural ingredient may turn out to be a strong allergen – to avoid possible risks, all LUMI facial skin care products are fragrance-free and contain no natural essential oils and other known allergens.

We are research-intensive spin off company of Tartu University – developing skincare products, we collaborate with professionals and a number of professional organisations in order to achieve the best quality of product development and to ensure product efficacy and suitability for sensitive skin.

Our good partners in the realisation of our projects are Tallinn University of Technology, the Dermatology Clinic of Tartu University, and Enterprise Estonia.

During the period of 07.02-15.04.2013, with the help of Enterprise Estonia, we implemented an Innovation Voucher project Hemp Seed Oil Skin Care Products, which resulted in the emergence of an innovative natural skin care product line based on hemp seed  oil. The project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund.