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Controlling Psoriasis: How LUMI Can Help You Fight One of The World’s Most Common Autoimmune Diseases!

Psoriasis is one of the world’s most common skin complaints, affecting an estimated 125 million people across the globe. It can be painful, unsightly, and lead to unwelcome complications. Yet, because we often think of it as only a ‘minor’ complaint or ultimately harmless, most people do nothing to fix the situation.

Here at LUMI, we want to change that! Psoriasis symptoms respond well to effective treatment, and healing your skin could be easier than you think. By using the right products and improving the overall condition of skin, the pain and discomfort of psoriasis can disappear!

So, today, let’s explore together the ins and outs of psoriasis, including how best to treat it, and look at some of the fantastic solutions the brilliant boffins at LUMI labs have created especially for the purpose!

What is Psoriasis? A Brief Explainer

You’ve probably heard of psoriasis before, and most people reading this will have seen its symptoms, either on themselves or a loved one. But fewer people may actually know what psoriasis actually is and how it comes about.

Psoriasis can present in a few different ways, but most commonly, it is characterised by ‘plaques’ on the skin covered in silvery scales. Affected skin is often red and angry, painful to the touch, itchy, and easily irritated. Psoriasis predominantly affects the skin, where it can affect only a small area or large swathes of the body, but can also affect the joints and eyes. It is a chronic disease that is prone to periods of flaring up.

Psoriasis is largely thought to be an autoimmune disease. Autoimmunity occurs when our immune systems mistake healthy cells within the human body for threats and try to protect us accordingly. The immune response often consists of inflammation, a process that’s designed to protect cells in the short term from environmental threats, but can be damaging over longer periods.

We still don’t fully understand why some people get psoriasis and others don’t. Currently, most skin scientists believe that it’s a combination of genetics and environmental factors. It’s also been shown that those suffering with psoriasis are also more likely to have other autoimmune conditions, including some forms of arthritis. 

Never Fear, LUMI’s Here!

There’s no need to fear psoriasis, though, despite its prevalence and chronic nature. Treatment of symptoms is generally very effective and focuses on improving the condition of skin, which is something recommended by skin experts for everyone. By doing right by your skin, you won’t just be keeping psoriasis at bay, but nourishing skin and making it even healthier than it was before!

Whilst scientists have struggled to understand exactly how psoriasis occurs in the first place, there is thankfully much more of a consensus on how to treat it. As psoriasis does not have a cure, treatment revolves around minimising its symptoms.

Treatment for psoriasis is all about topical care. Whilst severe cases may need steroid creams and other medical therapies, mild-to-moderate psoriasis symptoms can usually be handled by improving the condition of skin through emollients, which moisturise and soothe skin, and keratolytics, which remove unwanted build-up of skin, hair, and other detritus from the skin’s surface.

There’s no better place to start when it comes to LUMI products than our brilliant Bio-Klinik series! 

Estonia’s first hypoallergenic and prebiotic skincare line, Bio-Klinik has been specifically designed to work with any skin, no matter the type, condition, or level of sensitivity. Bio-Klinik Moisture-Lock Body Cream strengthens and protects skin, nourishing its surface and improving its condition immediately. Included keratolytics such as natural lactic acid and citric acid also help minimise psoriasis plaques.

If psoriasis is present on the scalp, the Bio-Klinik Moisture-lock Toner is an excellent choice. This tonic not only delivers the calming and moisturizing benefits indicated by its name but also boasts a rich blend of minerals and prebiotics. These elements work together to alleviate itching and dryness while fortifying the skin, enhancing its resilience and health.

But it doesn’t stop there! Whilst Bio-Klinik provides the perfect foundation to any psoriasis treatment, we’ve also developed some more specialised products for those looking to add specifics to their psoriasis skincare routine.

The Smooth Estonian AHA-BHA Anti-Cellulite Gel isn’t just the best-named product at LUMI, it’s also fantastically effective! The headline alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids (AHA & BHA) are a potent source of those all-important keratolytic compounds. Not only do these acids make for a highly effective anti-cellulite treatment, but they also work similar miracles on psoriasis plaques, too!

If skin is in a very poor condition and water-based products sting, try our soothing and effective CBD+ Repair Salve. The oil-based salve uses cannabinoids and other clever natural compounds to repair and protect skin, with no pain! 

And for an extra boost, why not try our LUMITEEK Restore! Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Supplements, giving your body the vital resources it needs to keep you healthy and minimise the production of keratin-based psoriasis plaques? You’ll have this unwelcome ailment under control in no time!

So, there you have it. Psoriasis, though sometimes considered a minor condition, can have a sizeable impact on our happiness and health. But with the right help from LUMI, you can have your skin back to its healthy, radiant best in no time. You won’t regret taking back control of your skin!

Ready to give your skin the helping hand it needs to keep psoriasis at bay? Click on any of the links above to see a product in more detail, or check out our entire range of psoriasis solutions right here! After something else? Take a peek at our entire range of science-led, all-natural skincare solutions. Your skin will thank you!


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Smooth Estonian AHA-BHA Anti-Cellulite gel
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Release a happier, smoother you with our new Estonian sourced and made anti-cellulite gel! Velvety, youthful, and plump body skin can be just as uplifting and transformative as beautiful facial skin! Phytoactive substances in the gel gently exfoliate, strengthen tissues and add bounce to the skin by stimulating collagen production, all whilst giving you skin so smooth you may find clothes slip right off you!
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LUMITEEK Restore! Vitamin B3 (niacin)
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Vitamin B3 is a stable vitamin that has a number of useful effects that have been proven in various studies. It helps to moisturize the skin, is recommended for hyperpigmentation, supports skin elasticity, reduces redness and blemishes, has an anti-inflammatory effect and acts as an antioxidant by fighting free radicals.
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BIO-KLINIK Moisture-lock toner
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There are few things in life we can be 100% sure about. Fortunately, Bio-Klinik is one of them! LUMI’s most popular product line has been expanded with another fantastic offering – Moisture-lock toner that makes Bio-Klinik creams even more effective than before.
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CBD+ Extra Strong Repair Salve
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An excellent product for stubborn skin problems. With full-spectrum natural CBD derived from hemp with anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.
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Suffering from atopic dermatitis? Rosacea? Dry, sensitive or reddened skin? Bio-Klinik is for you! LUMI are proud to present Estonia’s first prebiotic and hypoallergenic skincare product line – the perfect symbiosis of science and nature!
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