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If you are hesitant about which LUMI product is best for your skin, our specialists will be more than happy to give you guidance.
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Recognition and cooperation

Recognition from Estonian allergy and asthma federation
In collaboration with Tartu University
Eco-packaging alliance
Läänemaa OMA label
Lääne-Nigula municipality
Tartu University spin-off
The Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation

Everything you need for a perfect skin care routine.

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Our products are full of natural cold-pressed oils and fresh raw ingredients. We use natural antioxidants and organic acids as preservatives; as a result, our products do not have a long shelf-life. We ensure our products’ freshness by using air-tight containers. Just one pump of our LUMI products releases the feeling of fresh pure Nature.


It´s all about the balance and for that we have to go back to the basics. LUMI is innovative and bold to look for the solutions and all for the science and at the same time taking most of the raw plant power. We choose to lead the way to healthy skin care without any unnecessary components in your skin care products.


We guarantee the quality of our products by using certified organic and scientifically proven ingredients. Our fresh ideas are backed by global research and clinical trials, and we guarantee the effectiveness of all our products.

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LUMI began with a simple question...

Our story

Can we create a gentler, more effective skincare range? LUMIs founder Helen was searching for products she could use with her daughter, who had Atopic Dermatitis. The search lead her to investigate hemp seed oil. She began to work with scientists from Estonia’s top Universities, combining her passion with the power of knowledge, and eventually towards the birth of unordinary product line above all to solve harsh skin problems gently and effectively with no side effects.
LUMI quickly gained the love and trust of customers looking for a gentle and scientifically-proven line to take the best care of their skin.
Helen Hirv, founder of LUMI

More than 20 international awards

Pure Beauty Global Awards 2019 Finalist
Singapore Beauty Insider Awards 2019 Winner
Allergy Award 2019 Nominee
Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017 Winner
Natural and Organic Awards Scandinavia 2017 Winner
Anne&Stiil beauty favourite 2022