Arctic Hand Cream

Arctic Hand Cream

Restores and protects | 100 ml | For very dry and scaly skin, as well for sun and cold damaged skin


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Tired of constantly having to moisturise your dry hands? This hemp seed oil based, cold climate hand cream will protect and heal your hands, restoring even damaged skin. Organic Royal Jelly and plant extracts supply skin with necessary vitamins and moisturise deeply. Beeswax acts as a protective layer that retains moisture. Natural oils and plant extracts transport necessary oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

The result are healthy hands and nails that are not reddened, scaly or itchy. You will have the softest hands even on the coldest days.

Suitability: For very dry and scaly skin. Also for children and those with problematic, hypersensitive skin. Product contains beeswax, so it is not suitable for those who are allergic to bees. No added scent.

Directions: Apply generously on hands and massage gently for the smoothest hands and healthiest nails.

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