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SENSES remodelling body moisturiser
29.00 -
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A delightful body lotion inspired by scientific research that tones, tightens, moisturizes and slims, while essential oil aromatherapy excites the senses.
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Senses CC Clay Moisturiser
35.00 -
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A skintone correcting day cream, infused with natural golden yellow clay. It effortlessly bestows an elegant, healthy complexion. This day cream boasts a light, non-greasy texture, leaving your skin feeling firm and velvety matte. As you enjoy a refreshed, chic, and radiant look, this clay-based toning day cream works its magic by cleansing and hydrating your skin. Gone are the days of heavy makeup layers - instead, let your naturally healthy skin shine. Your monthly investments in your skincare don't need to be concealed but celebrated. The LUMI method, combined with LUMI Senses CC Clay Moisturiser, accentuates your unique and innate beauty. Flaunt it with pride!
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Tone and Glow Set
Original price was: €57.50.Current price is: €53.48. -
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Smooth Estonian AHA-BHA anti-cellulite gel, the ultimate summer must-have, is a product beloved by 20% of customers alongside the Senses remodelling body moisturizer. And there's good reason for it! While both products are individually exceptional, their combined effect is truly extraordinary. Experience skin that radiates with a luminous glow and enjoy the sensation of looking as though you've just emerged from a pampering spa session every single day.
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