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Everyone agrees that consistent exercise makes our skin beautiful and firm. This is because our amazing bodies naturally repair and strengthen themselves after a workout. As damaged cells renew and muscles get stronger, so does our skin!

Introducing LUMI’s new Skin Gym series for your face and body, featuring Baolift™—a herbal complex that mimics exercise molecules.

Baolift™ sends signals to your skin and the fascia around your muscles, mimicking the effects of strength training. This helps your skin and its underlying tissues become more resilient and springy, just like a good workout does for your body.


SKIN GYM Facial Training Formula Face Serum
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This oil-free serum brings the benefits of exercise directly to your skin! We call it the Fit Skin Concept: a truly innovative neurocosmetic breakthrough that tightens and contours facial skin on a cellular level, giving you a more youthful appearance without the need for invasive procedures! Thanks to Baolift™, a revolutionary plant stem cell active, you can reap the benefits of exercise no matter how busy life gets, ensuring your face remains fit, youthful, and glowing!
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SKIN GYM Body Serum
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This firming, shaping, and oil-free serum delivers the benefits of exercise directly to your skin cells! Achieve fitness at the cellular level with this innovative body serum, utilising cutting-edge biotechnology to tighten and shape your skin. Skin Gym, the world's first product line to include the revolutionary Baolift™, acts as your skin's very own personal trainer, using powerful exerkines to stimulate the body's natural post-exercise reshaping and rebuilding processes!
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