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The skin in its function as a biological barrier of the human body protects against multiple environmental influences. In particular, sunlight triggers unwanted and deleterious stress in the skin. Less severe adverse effects on the skin are erythema, wrinkling, dryness, inflammation, autoimmune reactions and pigment abnormalities. UV light is one factor that, when it is absorbed by the skin, leads to generation of free radicals. Other environmental factors such as pollution, microorganisms, viruses and chemical substances additionally contribute to the formation of free radicals in the human skin. The human body is well equipped to deal with oxidative stress by antioxidant enzymes and other cellular anti-oxidants. However, an overproduction of these reactive molecules by extensive sun exposure and other external sources or inadequate scavenging of the skin results in oxidative damage, eventually manifesting itself on a biomolecular level by lipid peroxidation, protein degradation, enzyme dysfunction and even DNA mutations/breakage. Special formulas can help the skin to support important functions.

LUMI skin care line based on hemp seed oil has been developed in accordance with scientific innovations to provide skin-friendly and efficient care even for the most sensitive skin.

The laboratory of Tartu Biotechnology Park, where LUMI skin care products based on hemp seed oil are produced, uses premium-quality, efficient raw materials and controlled processes. The products developed in collaboration with Estonian universities are produced in Estonia from the best, possibly untreated, domestic raw materials, which are selected taking into consideration their effect and impact on the human skin. The result is a new generation of natural cosmetics that does not compromise at the expense of efficacy.

In order to guarantee the quality of our products and to provide reliable information about natural cosmetics, we are among the founding members of Estonian Natural Cosmetics cluster as well as represent a research-intensive start-up company of Tartu University, e.g., a spin-off of Tartu University. We collaborate with a number of professional organisations and specialists daily to ensure the effectiveness and suitability of our products also for sensitive skin.

Our products are unique in that we do not use natural fragrances. Natural fragrances from essential oils often act as allergens. In addition, they have the effect of aromatherapy and, therefore, are not suitable for many people unless a professional confirms otherwise. Pregnant and nursing mothers should be particularly careful using them. Due to the demand, however, we have added 3 body care products with natural fragrances to the range of the Lumi line – Lumi Toning Body Lotion, Nourishing Body Oil, and Intensive Moisturising Hand Cream. We do not offer fragranced products when it comes to our facial skin care products – the Lumiderm line found in pharmacies is completely fragrance-free.

All products under the brand of Lumiderm found in pharmacies have been dermatologically tested, i.e., are suitable for even the most sensitive and problematic skin.

To ensure preservation of natural products as well as protection of delicate ingredients from daylight and oxygen, all Lumi products are packed in convenient air-free, hygienic pump bottles. Air-free pump bottles allow the cream packaging to be emptied entirely, without leaving the product inside the bottle.

Lumi packaging is environmentally friendly, i.e., produced in accordance with the GREENPRINT  standard.