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We are happy to introduce our newest LUMI team member, a cosmetologist with a medical education Maarja Serg – she brings you scientific information and new tricks for comprehensive skincare! #lumicares

Welcome aboard, MAARJA! Maarja is an excellent illustration of the belief that if you want something very much, even the impossible becomes possible.

Maarja says: “I believe that life is a continuous learning process. My personal experience with acne and sensitive skin led me to look for answers in the studies of the cosmetologist profession. One thing led to another, and as a logical sequence of events, I also studied nursing at Tallinn Healthcare College. Nursing studies focused mainly on diseases but did not teach how to maintain health. I filled this gap with studies in Chinese medicine (in Tervise Akadeemia / Health Academy). 12 years of work experience as a cosmetologist demonstrated the need for a more holistic approach to skin conditions.

Finally, life introduced me to LUMI, the most innovative skincare brand in Estonia. LUMI offers the opportunity to absorb more knowledge about the most recent scientific data while honoring and utilizing nature and its power.

Maarja’s 12-year experience as a cosmetologist has shown that people often face similar skin problems towards the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

Have you noticed that your skin is rougher and oilier than usual? Creams are no longer absorbing well and tiny bumps appear on the forehead.

If you’ve been battling acne, does it continue to spread? The usual shedding of skin cells has been disturbed by summer heat, sun, sweating, and increased sebum production, causing the skin’s surface to thicken. The skin appears dull and uneven because sebum cannot reach the skin’s surface and obstructions occur.

For the skin to function normally again, a 15% AHA acid peel comes to the rescue. The AHA acid peeler gently but effectively removes the excess keratinized skin layer, revealing smoother and fresher skin. Your skin looks smoother and brighter, and skincare products absorb better.

Also, this is a good time to moisturise your skin with a NAKED hyaluronic acid serum course. The hyaluronic acid serum balances sebum production and skin microflora. Skin is often dehydrated in late fall and NAKED serum helps to prepare the skin for upcoming weather conditions by guiding moisture deep into the skin.

For young or acne-prone skin, we recommend the TUNDRA series for daily use, you can combine them safely with NAKED serum because the niacinamide (vitamin B3) in the serum helps with redness.

Maarja’s top favorite products:


“The best find of the summer was combining the mineral powder with LUMI products.

You’ll be amazed by how stunning your skin can be after using NAKED hyaluronic acid multi serum! It makes the skin have more volume and feel tighter. NAKED multi serum is an excellent product for makeup foundation since it makes the surface of the skin even. It is moisturising and tightening. The serum also makes the skin nicely sticky so that the powder attaches well. I fixed the powder with LAVENDEL hydrosol. In addition to having a great aroma, the hydrosol melted the mineral powder onto the skin evenly and removed the powdered, dusty look.”

I’m used to the fact that after applying a serum, I can freely attach even notepapers to the skin of my face. LUCKILY that is NOT THE CASE with this serum. The multi-serum absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling light yet hydrated. Amazingly effective combination! – Marje #lumiexperience


“You can add an additional coat of powder to the defects if you need to have better coverage after spraying with hydrosol. I was able to get good coverage and long-lasting result this way while the skin did not become shiny as usual over time. It has become a beauty ritual – using hydrosol to refresh the skin and my senses before important events. This is how makeup that is healthy for the skin can outperform even the priciest foundation creams.”


“The seemingly impossible combination has finally been invented! The never-ending quest for a cleanser that is both effective and gentle is over. The Tundra AHA-BHA cleansing milk removes all impurities from oily skin while leaving intact the most essential, the skin’s protective layer.”


HALO prebiotic moisturising mask does not cause anyone’s face to turn red after a facial treatment. This mask is the best assistant for any cosmetologist.” – Maarja Serg.

The HALO mask is the best thing you can do for your skin after a hot summer. You can use the deeply moisturising and calming mask several times a week for the best results. I used the mask overnight for intense moisturising, and I had a consistent and bright complexion in the morning.” – Anna #lumiexperience

Photo: Caroline Sada

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