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Arctic Duo
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These creams have a unique composition that prevents weather conditions from damaging the skin on your face and hands and prevents moisture from escaping from the skin. Consistent use makes the skin stronger.
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Pampering trio for a new mom
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All women need love and especially mommies! This combo has special ecological products that will help you love your body and preserve your beauty as a new mother!
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Atopic skin combo for children
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Atopic dermatitis makes your child unhappy and cranky. The suffering caused by this skin disease brings tears to the eyes of adults, not to mention children! We understand this and have created products that will help.
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LA-LAA Baby oil
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La-laa series products make you sing of happiness like a small child because what could be more pleasant than turning dry skin into silky moisturized skin. You can be carefree when using baby oil because the carefully developed ecological composition is suitable for both you and your baby’s delicate skin.
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