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November is for the men in your life – husbands, brothers, and fathers! They look out for us, take care of us, and would do anything to see us happy? Now is your chance to show them you care! Wrap your dear father, husband, or son in a luxurious bathrobe and give them the gift of healthy, moisturised skin.
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MEN moisturizer
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The power of nature, reflected on the skin with masculine freshness! Gain vitality from cannabis oil, cannabinoids, and algae, this nutrient-rich cream is both gentle and strong - like a real man!
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MEN aftershave tonic
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The ONE multifunctional care product for every man's bathroom! Mentha, juniper, and hemp form a golden triangle, the combination of which turns the aftershave itching, tingling, and redness into a pleasantly moisturized skin free from irritation.
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RAHU unisex aftershave
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The herb Artemisia has a calming effect on skin and mind. Suitable as a daily facial water for people with (extremely) sensitive skin or to soothe the skin after shaving for both men and women.
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CBD+ Extra strong repair salve
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A wonderful product for stubborn skin problems. With full-spectrum natural CBD derived from hemp with anti-inflammatory effects on skin.
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