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Fragrances and skin health

We have received different and contradictory opinions about the scent of LUMI products. People either love the smell or they don`t. We understand both sides and wanted to describe the origins of the scent.

Where does the scent come from?

There are two options.

a) The product has the same scent as the ingredients it includes. In general, such a product has a mild smell and it evaporates quickly from the skin.

b) There are added fragrances in the product and the skin smells like them for a while. Either synthetic (the perfume is usually listed in ingredients) or natural essential oils can be used.

Because many perfumes are proven irritants, our choice has always been the first one (a). We do not need irritants in our skin care products.

What is the source of the so-called LUMI scent?

The specific scent comes from hemp seed oil, a crucial component of LUMI products. We use fresh, cold-pressed oil because it has the best skin care properties. Hemp oil is known as the king of skin oils and has the best ratio of omega fatty acids, several valuable vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Couldn’t that smell be removed from hemp oil?

The aroma that causes conflicting opinions can be eliminated with heating and refining. This treatment method also removes many useful chemicals. For example, when comparing raw jam and cooked jam, raw jam is more beneficial. So we have decided to use fresh cold-pressed oil. This guarantees that the skin receives the maximum amount of natural, unprocessed active ingredients.

Why should I want a fragrance-free product?

According to statistics, more than 30% of people have fragrance allergies and this number is increasing year after year. The more you use products with added fragrances, the more likely your skin will have an allergic reaction in the future. Most of the 26 commonest allergens in perfumes come from natural sources, such as essential oils. Essential oils are widely used in natural cosmetics and have a variety of useful effects, but they should be used in moderation.

Why don’t natural products always smell the same?

Nature lives on its own, unlike synthetic ingredients that are added to a product in exact dosages. As a result, different batches may have slightly different aromas. Similar to wine vintage variations.

How should I store my skincare products?

When the cream is exposed to air or stored in a warm place for an extended period, it develops a specific odor. It happens because hemp seed oil includes lots of valuable omega-3 fatty acids that decompose when exposed to air. This is why we seal our creams in a vacuum bottle with a pump. It is a good idea to keep the product in a fridge if you know you’ll be using it longer (longer than 3 months).

Can I add fragrance to LUMI creams at home?

If your skin is not sensitive, then yes, of course. Mix a drop of essential oil into the cream using your palm. This gives you the option to choose your favorite therapeutic aroma. You can keep an eye on possible allergic reactions by making your own mix.