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Fragrances and skin health

We have received a wealth of valued feedback surrounding the scent of LUMI products. Opinions are somewhat polarised – many people love the aroma, whilst others think the opposite. We at LUMI understand and accept all our customers’ views, but feel it may be useful to explain why our products smell the way they do.

Where does the scent of cosmetic products come from?

There are two sources.

A) The product’s natural scent, derived from its included active ingredients. Scents from these sources generally have a mild smell that fades quickly from the skin.

B) Fragrances that are added specifically for the purpose of altering a product’s smell. Such smells tend to linger on skin for longer. Either synthetic fragrances (the specific perfume will usually be listed in a product’s ingredients) or natural essential oils can be used. Because many perfumes are proven irritants and have no benefit to the user’s skin, our choice has always been to stick with option A. We strive to remove irritants from our skincare products, not add them.

What is the source of LUMI’s distinctive scent?

Our products’ characteristic aroma comes from hemp seed oil, a crucial skincare component. Hemp oil is revered as the king of skin oils, and for good reason. It has an optimal ratio of omega fatty acids for human skin, whilst also containing an abundance of valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We use fresh cold-pressed hemp oil, retaining as much of the hemp’s beneficial properties as possible.

Couldn’t the scent be removed from hemp oil?

It is possible to remove the aroma of hemp seed oil through heating and refining processes. However, alongside the smell, valuable properties of the oil are also stripped away, in the same way that raw jam is more nutritionally beneficial than cooked jam. We therefore believe it is vital to continue using fresh cold-pressed oils, which guarantees our customers’ skin receives the whole benefit of the natural, unprocessed active ingredients used in our products.

Why not add fragrances to LUMI products?

According to recent research, more than 30% of people have fragrance allergies, with this number rising year-on-year. The more you use products containing added fragrances, the more likely it is that your skin will have an allergic reaction to such substances in future.
The EU recognises 26 cosmetic allergens that must be listed on labels if included in a skincare product. The majority of these substances come from natural sources, such as essential oils. Essential oils are widely used in natural cosmetics, and whilst they have a wealth of useful properties, they should always be used in moderation.

Why can two bottles of the same natural product have differing scents?

Natural ingredients have unique and slightly varied compositions, unlike synthetic substances, which are added to products in exact dosages. As a result, similar to wine vintages, it is completely normal for different batches of natural products to have slightly differing aromas.

How should I store my skincare products?

When LUMI creams are exposed to air or stored in warm places for an extended period, they may develop a specific odour. This happens because hemp seed oil contains a large amount of valuable omega-3 fatty acids, which decompose when exposed to air. This is why we seal our creams in vacuum pump bottles. If you know you will be using a LUMI product for a longer period of time (more than 3 months), it is a good idea to keep the product in a fridge.

Can I add fragrances to LUMI creams at home?

If you do not have sensitive skin, then adding fragrances to LUMI creams yourself is an available option. Choose your favourite therapeutic or aromatic oil and stay vigilant for potential allergic reactions. Use your palm to mix a drop of essential oil into your LUMI cream.