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Know, Trust, Love

The arrival of Maarja is an excellent illustration of the belief that if you want something very much, even the impossible becomes possible. Maarja is a medically educated cosmetologist, who will bring you scientific information and new tricks for comprehensive skin care!

Maarja’s goal is not to promise you a 10 years younger face and the elimination of wrinkles, because she simply does not consider it necessary! Like all of us in LUMI, Maarja also believes that people are beautiful at any age. Maarja’s goal is to make you feel good, both during and after treatment. “I wish that your skin would be as comfortable and presentable as new shoes.

In her work, Maarja uses high-tech and cosmeceutical products. She is also deeply convinced that the appearance of the skin is strongly related to what is happening inside of us and with this in mind, she wants to offer a more holistic cosmetic service. Maarja continues to improve herself in the field of Chinese medicine and is ready to share her knowledge with all of us. Follow us carefully, because Maarja will teach you new tricks for comprehensive skincare! #lumicares



"I believe that life is a continuous learning process. My personal experience with acne and sensitive skin led me to look for answers in the studies of the cosmetician’s profession. One thing leads to another so I furthered my education in nursing at Tallinn Health College. Nursing studies focused a lot on diseases, but did not teach the maintenance of health. This void was filled by Chinese medicine studies (in Health Alchemy). 12 years of work experience as a cosmetician has shown that people need a more holistic approach to solving skin problems. Finally, life brought me together with LUMI – the most innovative skin care brand in Estonia, which provides an opportunity to supplement the knowledge base with the latest scientific information, respecting and involving nature and the power of it.” – Maarja Serg
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Maarja's skin care tips

Maarja's favourite LUMI products

NAKED hyaluronic acid multiserum
41.00 -
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We all want healthy and radiant skin. Naked in our own beauty. A prebiotic and oil-free NAKED has been created for this purpose. Be prepared to be surprised!
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Lavender hydrosol
9.00 -
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Lavender water is nature's rare and valuable gift for versatile skin and hair care. The healing effects of the plant have been confirmed by several studies, and its healing properties vary from person to person, according to individual point of concern.
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Tundra AHA-BHA Cleansing Milk
22.00 -
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This mild but effective cleansing milk has been specially developed for the care of acne-prone skin to provide maximum results without drying the skin.
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Halo Moisture Mask
38.00 -
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The dream of not having tired, dull, and dehydrated skin is now coming true! HALO mask softens and invigorates the skin, bringing out its natural radiance and health.
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