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4-week journey to beautiful and healthy skin

The beige colour of LUMI creams and the distinctive aroma of fresh hay that accompanies them are testament to their pure nature, with only fresh and unprocessed ingredients ever being used in our products. We utilise cold-pressed oils and unrefined extracts to ensure the essential properties of plants are preserved, resulting in the most effective and pure skincare products found anywhere!

The goal of the LUMI method is to restore your skin’s natural protective barrier and microbiome. LUMI products reach their maximum beneficial capabilities after four weeks of continual use. Relax, have patience, and enjoy every moment of your LUMI journey to healthier, more beautiful skin!

Look after your skin, so it can look after you. Cared-for skin is healthier, provides more protection, and ultimately requires less maintenance than skin in disrepair. You can’t beat the smile that glowing skin will put on your face every time you look in the mirror!

The true potential of the LUMI method can only be guaranteed by ensuring LUMI products are used throughout. Mixing brands is so yesterday! We have developed a range of synergistic skincare products to give you your ideal skin. Your best skin ever awaits!

Start your four-week journey with us!

Embark on this exciting experience by visiting the LUMI CASA salon for personalized on-site maintenance. Our specialists will craft a customized care plan that aligns seamlessly with your unique skin needs, ensuring an effective skincare routine.

Book your appointment today and look forward to a bright, healthy complexion!

WEEK 1 / Your skin adapts to pure nature.

Your skin must become accustomed to natural care products, especially if you have previously used products containing silicone. At first, silicones and mineral oils will not allow new herbal care oils to penetrate the skin, meaning your skin may feel heavy or oily. Have patience, and give your skin time to get used to this new paradigm – soon it will be able to absorb all of LUMI’s nutrients!

Avoid synthetic tonics and foaming detergents, and instead utilise LUMI gentle cleansing milks. SKIN DOESN’T HAVE TO FEEL TIGHT DURING OR AFTER WASHING! We recommend always using LUMI creams and serums on damp skin.

WEEK 2 / Your skin rids itself of toxins.

In the second week, your skin should gradually adjust to your new natural skincare routine. Nevertheless, you may notice some minor blemishes appearing (e.g. spots or redness). This is because various toxins and pollutants that have previously deposited in your skin are now beginning to be flushed out. During this time, a LUMI 15% Acid Peel can help remedy the situation, or you can keep LUMI Cleansing Milk on your face for 2-5 minutes to achieve a similarly deep cleansing effect.

WEEK 3 / Your skin awakens to a new life.

In the third week of following the LUMI method, you will begin noticing a wealth of positive changes. Your skin will have become silkier, fairer, and more uniform. Thanks to LUMI’s natural ingredients, you will notice your skin has started to breathe again, with oxygen and nutrients reaching deeper, dry spots disappearing, sebum secretion balancing itself, and redness decreasing.

WEEK 4 / Your skin is more healthy and beautiful, and its protective barrier and microbiome have been restored.

As the fourth week of the LUMI method arrives, you will be convinced once and for all that LUMI skincare products work wonders. The more problematic your skin was at the beginning of this process, the more of a difference you will see at the end. Your skin is now much softer and evenly moisturised. The dry and dead external skin layer has disappeared, redness, itching and scaling have all decreased, and most importantly – your skin is healthy again. Balanced skin can now take care of itself and, with a little LUMI maintenance, perform the necessary functions to keep you healthy, protected, and looking fabulous!

If you are unsure as to which LUMI skincare product is perfect for you, please contact one of our specialists, who will be more than happy to assist.

👉🏼 New to LUMI? Start your 4-week #lumimethod journey by using one of our smoothie recipes and share the process with us. We’d love to see before-and-after photos of your skin and get -20% off your next purchase!



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