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4-week journey to beautiful and healthy skin

The beige colour of LUMI creams and the aroma of hay are genuine indicators of pure nature that prove beyond doubt that we exclusively use fresh, unprocessed ingredients. The best qualities of plants have been preserved in cold-pressed oils and unrefined extracts, making LUMI skincare products exceptionally effective.

LUMI’s whole effect will be visible in full scale on the fourth week of use. Take your time and enjoy the journey to healthier and more beautiful skin.

  • WEEK 1 / Skin adjusts to clean nature.
    Your skin needs to adjust to natural care, especially if you have previously used silicone products. At first, silicones and mineral oils prevent new vegetable oils from passing through the skin, making them appear heavy on the skin. Allow the skin to adjust until it is able to absorb all of the nutrients. Bioactive chemicals can cause little redness at first. To avoid this, apply creme to dry skin only and avoid synthetic toners.
  • WEEK 2 / Toxins are removed.
    Your skin gradually begins to accept this new natural treatment. However, you might notice a minor worsening in your skin’s condition (for example spots). This is the result of the release of numerous poisons and toxins accumulated in the skin. During this time, you should pay extra care to cleanse your skin and, if necessary, use additional cleansing masks. You can use clay, peat, or LUMI cleansing milk for a few minutes on your skin.
  • WEEK 3 / Skin gets a new life.
    You start to notice positive changes. Skin becomes evenly silkier and complexion improves. Your skin breathes again. Thanks to the natural ingredients, oxygen, and minerals will penetrate deeper. Greasy and dry-patches disappear.
  • WEEK 4 / Skin is more beautiful and healthier.
    You will be convinced that LUMI skincare is effective. The bigger the difference, the more problematic your skin was before. Your skin is much softer and hydrated. Dry dead skin has disappeared, redness, itching, and flaking have diminished, and most importantly, your skin is healthy. A balanced skin can now look after itself and function normally.

If you have trouble choosing the right LUMI product, our experts will gladly help.

Together we will figure out the ideal skin care routine for you!

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The skin wizard is Helen Hirv, the founder of LUMI
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