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As time passes and we hear more and more success stories from our clients, we here at LUMI become yet more convinced that the most wonderful results can be achieved by those who commit to using only LUMI products in their skincare routines. We have dubbed this modus operandi ‘The LUMI Method’!

"“I had reached a dead end. As a beautician, I could no longer recommend any creams to customers. My own skin was a nightmare – red and very oily. I never left home without lots of foundation. Today, thanks to LUMI, my faith in skincare has been restored, and my skin looks just as good without makeup as with it.”"

You can’t be a vegan if you eat meat; by the same token, you cannot truly be a LUMI disciple if your skincare routine still features products containing sodium lauryl sulphate (SFS), fragrances, preservatives, and other questionable synthetic ingredients. These substances are totally at odds with the LUMI ethos.

We are continually amazed by how beautiful complexions can become with continued used of LUMI products. Often, a guessing game ensues around our meeting tables as to whether our clients’ complexion is truly that radiant! Surely, we sometimes think, foundation must have been used somewhere. Can it really be possible for a skincare routine to perform so well that makeup is not needed at all to even out skin tone?

For decades, we have suffocated our skin beneath a layer of mineral oils and silicones. We often blame a poor climate or lack of sun for our pale and dull complexions, without stopping to think whether these synthetic layers prevent our skin from breaking a sweat or from naturally excreting toxins, thereby robbing our faces of their natural, beautiful shine.

Beauticians often talk about the importance of cleaning skin , as well as recommending double cleansing, sometimes twice a day. But how often do we consider the products with which we wash our faces? If, after washing, skin reddens or tears, then this can clearly be taken as a sign that the cleaning agent has been too strong or the method too vigorous, traumatising the skin as a result!

In a state of stress caused by this overly strong cleansing, skin often ramps up sebum production in a desperate attempt to restore its destroyed protective barrier. This is in addition to being in an inflammatory state, thus ageing at a tremendous rate, because its protection from external pollutants has been reduced and moisture is escaping from the skin! #inflammaging

If its protective barrier is depleted, the skin triggers immune reactions such as tight skin, redness and tingling. In such a state, an alcohol-based tonic or micellar water via a cotton pad might be the only hope of bringing some short relief to skin. With skin temporarily calmed, on goes a filmy layer of silicones and mineral oils, giving the illusion of protection. 

In reality, despite a momentary sense of calm, you are likely to wake up the next morning to find extremely oily skin that is red and uneven. Makeup is then required before one feels confident enough to go outside and meet people, and the daily cycle of skin damage and temporary recovery begins anew.

Mineral oils and silicones will never bond with skin in the way that natural oils do. The hemp seed oil found in LUMI creams is similar in composition to sebum, allowing the skin to fully embrace it. Skin receives a natural signal to reduce sebum production because a protective barrier is already present on the skin’s surface.

We understand that it is difficult to make decisions when it comes to the world of beauty. 

Recommendations and advice come en masse from all corners. Social media is a buzz with influencers testing hundreds of different products a month, mixing products and brands constantly and piling them on top of one another. 

In such an environment, giving detailed, accurate reviews of products can be impossible. To properly assess any beauty product, it is necessary to use it for an extended period of time. By mixing different brands and products on the skin, it is impossible to say anything about the true nature of a product. Additionally, to chop and change so much requires extremely durable skin.

In our experience, the mixing of different products and lacking consistency in your skincare routine does not often lead to clean, beautifully glowing skin with no visible pores. Rather, we see so often that such an approach leads to skin dryness, redness and premature ageing caused by inflamed skin, heavy sebum production, and the exacerbation of dermatitis and acne.

And yet, few stop to ask if something has perhaps gone wrong with modern skincare. Has the beauty industry collectively lost its mind? When treating dermatitis, it is recommended that all beauty procedures and synthetic products are ceased. Yet, when symptoms dissipate, we return to the products. Is this not illogical? When discontinuing a product is considered a medical treatment, how beneficial could this product really have been for us?

LUMI has been the rebellious teenager of the beauty world, constantly questioning and changing the composition and procedures behind every product one could find in a skincare regime. We like to ask what ingredients are really for and why they are there in the first place. Are they necessary? Do they bring better skin for our clients? If not, then get rid of them!

We question many things in the beauty industry that are usually taken for granted. Our skin experts have thoroughly investigated all stages of skincare, and have used the knowledge gained to ensure that the ingredients found in LUMI products are always justified and beneficial for skin. No matter how pronounced your skin problems may be, we will always feel confident recommending LUMI products to you.

LUMI cleansing products are extremely gentle, ensuring that skin does not lose its crucial hydrolipid layer. To our knowledge, there is no equivalent cleaning product on the market. In addition, years of skincare experience have taught us that scrubbing facial skin in the morning is at best unnecessary, and at worst, actively harmful to skin. Sebum secreted during the night is protective gold-dust for your skin! 

Changing habits can be difficult, but the results speak for themselves.

To achieve lasting positive change, you must stop fighting with your skin and learn to truly take care of it, rather than simply consuming skincare products for the sake of consumption. Take care of your skin, so that your skin can take care of you!

We at LUMI believe that the human body is a holistic endeavour. Every part of your body is an intelligent, necessary operator in a wider system, with its own needs and purposes that must be cared for to achieve total health.

Today, with our knowledge of how harmful and unnecessary synthetic ingredients are, and ample evidence that a healthy protective barriers and diverse microbiome are key to healthy, youthful and glowing skin, we all must ask – why continue participating in a cycle of mindless consumption?

As with adopting a healthier lifestyle and the benefits brought by that, lasting positive skin changes do not happen overnight. The effect of LUMI products appear gradually, as skin gradually becomes stronger and healthier. Many beginners on the LUMI journey experience an exacerbation of skin dryness or flaking issues. This is usually caused by the body’s excretion of previous synthetic products. Whereas previously, skin was not moisturised, but sealed with a durable silicone layer, now skin is free to breathe and rid itself of the pollutants that came before. This may mean a temporary worsening of symptoms, but in the long run, opens the way for healthier, happier skin.

You can read more about what to expect on your 4-week LUMI journey here, as you transform your beauty routine with all-natural products. Things may seem rough at first, but we promise that this journey is worth every step!

We invite you to take a moment and rethink your skincare routine in today’s world of heightened consumerism and cyclical consumption habits. Have you experienced a strong tearing sensation and/or excessively oil skin after washing? Are you over 30 but often still contend with acne raging across your face? Is your skin often inflamed and red, sometimes even stinging? 

All of these issues can be signs that something is seriously amiss with your skincare routine. If the list of products you need to use keeps growing, something is wrong! Human skin should be self-functioning, and you should be able to take care of it with minimal interference. 

LUMI is designed to help you get on with your skin again!  Your Best Skin Ever is within reach – our beauty specialists would love to chat with you about which #lumimethod is right for your skin.

Create a #lumiexperience!

We promise that soon you will be able to throw away your BB, CC, and DD creams and shine on your own, comfortable in your own beautiful skin, no matter the situation!

Foto: Caroline Sada

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