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Tundra is a complete natural solution for those who struggle daily with extra sebum, clogged pores, or acne-prone skin. Award-winning, tested, and loved!

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Most products for acne-prone skin do not focus on nourishing and balancing the skin, instead, they concentrate on minimizing and drying out oil production. They also have antibacterial ingredients in them that kill all living things on the skin – not only the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, which has started to spread due to clogged pores, but also the helpful and necessary bacteria. The effect is strong, similar to antibiotics, but it does not eliminate the cause of the problem and causes an imbalance in the body. Tundra tackles the root of the problem and restores normal skin function. Naturally and free of unnecessary toxins!

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Tundra AHA-BHA Cleansing Milk
22.00 -
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This mild but effective cleansing milk has been specially developed for the care of acne-prone skin to provide maximum results without drying the skin.
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AHA-BHA moisturizing cream
34.00 -
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When caring for skin prone to acne, it is often forgotten that in addition to reducing oil and drying out inflammation, the moisture balance is also very important for healing the skin. Balanced skin is able to protect itself from stressors and remains radiant, nourished and moisturized.
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Tundra Pimple Stopper
43.00 -
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First in Estonia, unique and innovative Pimple Stopper with a holistic approach combines the active ingredient bakuchiol, which reduces the causes of acne and rejuvenates the skin, together with CBD+CBG+CBDA complex, which alleviates skin`s stress reactions.
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Yarrow mist with salicylic acid
25.00 -
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Yarrow is a medicinal plant with many healing properties that have been valued in natural medicine for its anti-inflammatory and sedative effects. The clarifying facial water contains a steam distillation of domestic yarrow inflorescences, in which all the valuable abilities of the medicinal plant are stored.
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Skincare routine for acne-prone skin
75.00 -
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The internationally awarded Tundra series offers naturally effective treatment for problematic and acne-prone facial skin.
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Anti-acne smoothie
80.00 -
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For a young skin to look healthy and fresh, we have prepared a smoothie recipe consisting of Tundra toner, cream and CBD salve. Tundra toner soothes and restores skin's protective functions, Tundra cream helps to reduce sebum production and has an exfoliating effect. CBD salve helps to heal inflamed or post-inflammatory areas faster. Mixing your own smoothie, it is possible to adjust the consistency.
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Clients love

Inger Lilles-Nestor
star star star star star
Tundra series is like some sort of magical space dust or something. It did wonders with my problematic skin - the tough, prone to inflamed acne skin became pleasantly soft and silky after using it a few times. There were no more skin problems a month later. This set cleanses effectively and provides a moisturizing treatment like in a salon. I love it from the first time and these products are definitely an important part of my beauty rituals now.
Verified buyer Verified buyer
Evelin Rogatkin
star star star star star
I have been struggling with my skin for a long time. I have tried many different creams over the years, both expensive and cheaper, but when I got to try Tundra AHA-BHA moisturizing cream, I realized that I had FINALLY found the right one. The cream moisturizes just right and doesn’t leave the skin greasy. And in reality, the condition of the skin changes noticeably. I will not exchange this cream for anything else. I recommend it to anyone who is struggling with facial skin problems. Of course, I also use the facial toner from the Tundra series. Together, this combo works wonderfully! As for the packaging, I also like that it comes with a pump. In this way you can use all of the cream and nothing goes to waste.
Verified buyer Verified buyer
star star star star star
Tundra AHA-BHA cleansing milk is one of my favourite. Having tried almost every drugstore product for acne-prone skin, aged 30+, this is one of the best finds. I like that it can be used as a simple cleanser as well as a mask if left on for longer. In addition, the intensity can be increased according to whether it is used on dry or wet skin. I like that the skin does not remain dry and itchy afterwards, but is moisturized, soft and smooth. The first results can be seen after 3-4 weeks after daily use. Thanks to this product, I also started trying other products from the Tundra series.
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