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Is your skin dry, flaky, or damaged by the weather? In addition to these problems, our Arctic heroes treat redness and itchy skin. Your skin cells will regenerate and are fed with essential vitamins. Thanks to its unique composition, the skin gets a protective layer that prevents moisture from escaping. The result is healthy and vibrant skin even if you live in Antarctica!


Arctic Face Cream
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Is your skin dry, flaky, or damaged by the weather? Our Arctic hero is created for just such problems! Redness, itching, and dryness will have a solution - the result is healthy and radiant skin, even if you live in Antarctica!
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Arctic Hand Cream
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Does constant smearing of cream on dry and flaky hands cause boredom? Especially if the result doesn't seem to be anything other than a waste of cream. Cold climate hand cream based on hemp seed oil approaches the problem differently. The unique composition creates a protective layer on the skin that prevents moisture from escaping and keeps your hands soft even on the coldest winter days.
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Arctic Duo
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These creams have a unique composition that prevents weather conditions from damaging the skin on your face and hands and prevents moisture from escaping from the skin. Consistent use makes the skin stronger.
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Clients love

Janeli Tooming
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LUMI’s Arctic face cream is always in my fridge along with many other LUMI products. I use it when needed in the winter when I feel my skin needs extra hydration, but it's an irreplaceable product for me when I get a sunburn. In that case, I put it on my face at night, ie. first I cool the skin with pure aloe gel and then either Arctic face cream or Bio-Klinik series cream for the face at night. My skin is already much better the next morning. I have also used it many times on my children. They have very fair skin, and regardless of the use of sun protection factor, especially outside of Estonia, their skin is often red after exposure to the sun. The cream has been helpful in many cases. Definitely one of my favorites!
Verified buyer Verified buyer
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I think every winter during my life (for as long as I can remember) I have had problems with rough and easily cracked/broken skin on my hands, which has been a real pain. I have tried several different hand creams, but none have been long-lasting enough. Until I found LUMI – the relatively fast-absorbing Arctic hand cream is a great solution for a problematic skin, and the pump bottle is also easy to carry in your bag, so you can apply a new layer at any time. As a bonus, the cream does not have a too strong smell.
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Saara Kruus
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I ordered the Arctic hand cream to get relief from the dryness and redness on my hands caused by the cold. During the first few uses, my hands started to itch and redden after applying the cream, but it passed quickly and my hands remained silky and soft after use. After a few days, my hands were completely healed. The cream is an indispensable daily aid from the use of disinfectants to invigorate skin which has become sensitive.
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