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15% AHA PEEL Exfoliator
39.00 -
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Exfoliating with acids is the only way to eliminate clogged pores, dead skin cells, fine lines, and uneven, acne skin with large pores. The secret to healthy and youthful skin is LUMI’s natural AHA acid peel exfoliator, which combines maximum efficiency with minimal irritation.
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Give those with sensitive skin a gift they will cherish! LUMI Moisturising Cleansing Milk, Bio-Klinik Tonic and Face Cream give your skin a soothing caress that will help you enjoy Christmas with a healthier complexion and more confident smile!
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Anti-acne smoothie
Original price was: €95.00.Current price is: €88.35. -
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We have a smoothie recipe for young skin to look healthy and fresh. The smoothie consists of Tundra toner, cream and CBD salve. Tundra toner soothes and restores skin’s defences. Tundra cream helps to reduce sebum production and has an exfoliating effect. CBD salve helps to heal inflamed or post-inflammatory areas faster. You can adjust the consistency by mixing your own smoothie.
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Anti-redness smoothie
Original price was: €75.00.Current price is: €69.75. -
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This prebiotic smoothie is here to stay. BIO-KLINIK's soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory face cream, in combination with NAKED niacinamide serum, allows the skin to help itself, repairing and strengthening its structure over time.
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Atopic skin combo for children
Original price was: €61.00.Current price is: €56.73. -
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Atopic dermatitis can make your child unhappy and cranky. This skin disease brings tears to the eyes of adults, not to mention children! We have created products that will help.
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Atopic smoothie
Original price was: €98.00.Current price is: €91.14. -
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Atopic skin is challenging to endure both mentally and physically. LUMI's three superheroes for sensitive skin are waiting to be mixed in the palm of your hand to soothe redness, dry patches and itchiness. The cream with prebiotics restores the skin's microbiome, which protects the skin and reduces the occurrence of irritations.
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25.00 -
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Suffering from atopic dermatitis? Rosacea? Dry, sensitive or reddened skin? Bio-Klinik is for you! LUMI are proud to present Estonia’s first prebiotic and hypoallergenic skincare product line – the perfect symbiosis of science and nature!
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BIO-KLINIK Moisture-lock toner
29.00 -
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There are few things in life we can be 100% sure about. Fortunately, Bio-Klinik is one of them! LUMI’s most popular product line has been expanded with another fantastic offering – Moisture-lock toner that makes Bio-Klinik creams even more effective than before.
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BIO-KLINIK Restorative Moisturiser
36.00 -
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Our Bio-Klinik dermatologically-tested hypoallergenic face cream is the result of a personal quest from LUMI’s founders to help family members suffering from inflamed skin. Cutting-edge science has been employed throughout the development process to bring you a unique face cream that restores skin structure and balances your microbiome.
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MINI BIO-KLINIK Restorative moisturiser
Out of stock
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Bio-Klinik hypoallergenically tested facial cream was born from the personal need of the founders of LUMI to help family members suffering from inflamed skin. In a thorough development process, state-of-the-art research  and bioactive substances that restore the skin's balance were brought together, resulting in a first unique skincare series.
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NAKED hyaluronic acid multiserum
43.00 -
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We all want healthy and glowing skin. Naked is beautiful in its own right. An oil-free prebiotic designed to help your skin reach its best. Get ready to be surprised!
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Sensitive skin smoothie
Original price was: €62.00.Current price is: €57.66. -
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This duo is suitable for even the most demanding skin because it is natural and free of perfumes, preservatives, and other irritants. Does not cause redness or itching and does not sting. When used consistently, the skin ages more slowly, can protect you better and become stronger.
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