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We are proud to present MEN – LUMI’s first male skincare series – specially formulated for the unique biology of male skin!

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Skincare is just as important for men as it is women; no-one wants to suffer with skin issues or show signs of preventable ageing! MEN products are a sure thing – as effective as they are easy-to-use. They make for both a perfect introduction to men’s skincare, or a valued addition to a regular regime.

You’ll find two products enriched with the forces of nature: a multifunctional after-shave toner and a light moisturising cream. Discover the benefits of quality skincare; because taking care of your body is the root of masculinity!

TIP: Create a quick and effective skincare ‘smoothie‘ by mixing gel toner and moisturiser into the palm of your hand.

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Force of Nature
61.00 -
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A complete men’s skincare set, consisting of moisturising cream and aftershave tonic – suitable for daily skincare routines and aftershave care.
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MEN aftershave tonic
28.00 -
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The ONE multifunctional care product for every man's bathroom! Mentha, juniper, and hemp form a golden triangle, the combination of which turns the aftershave itching, tingling, and redness into a pleasantly moisturized skin free from irritation.
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MEN Niisutuskreem
38.00 -
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Looduse ramm, mis peegeldub nahalt mehise värskusega! Ammuta elujõudu kanepiõlist, kannabinoididest ja vetikatest. See toitaineterikas kreem on ühtaegu õrn, aga tugev – nagu üks tõeline mees!
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RAHU unisex aftershave
18.00 -
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The herb Artemisia has a calming effect on your skin and mind. Perfect facial water for people with (extremely) sensitive skin to use daily. Men and women can use this hydrosol after shaving to calm their skin.
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Clients love

Maie Pavljuk
star star star star star
My partner's new favourites. He has quite sensitive facial skin and LUMI's MEN cream is so nice, absolutely non-irritating and very moisturizing.
Verified buyer Verified buyer
James Crawford
star star star star star
Because of my work, I am always on the move, be it in the very dry and cold air of an aircraft, the tropical sun of the Caribbean or the salty humid air when crossing oceans. I have always needed a reliable and versatile all-round facial routine, which is why I use LUMI. I really put LUMI’s products to the test in ever-changing environments and have found that they work perfectly for me whatever I’m doing and wherever I am. I have been using the unisex products for some time and loved them which is why I was super excited when they bought out a men’s range. I’ve tried the men’s products out for a few weeks and found them to work amazingly well. It’s great to have a good after-shaving product and men’s moisturiser. The smell and natural feel of the products are better than anything else I have found.
Verified buyer Verified buyer
star star star star star
The products work well, do not leave the face greasy, and do not have a strong smell, all natural.
Verified buyer Verified buyer