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ABC of ingredients

LUMI products are full of natural cold-pressed oils and fresh ingredients. Our products have a shorter shelf life because we use natural antioxidants and organic acids as preservatives. Airtight containers ensure the freshness of the products. You can experience pure nature with just one pump full of LUMI.

We believe in achieving maximum results naturally at LUMI. We are a spin-off company from the University of Tartu. It allows us to create and guarantee the best skincare products based on the most recent scientific research.

Botany and biotechnology are the heart of LUMI. We use hemp oil in our product line. Industrial cannabis has an amazing amino acid concentration, and it is one of the world’s oldest and most valued crops. It was forbidden for decades due to its cousin’s link to cannabis, but it is now being rediscovered as a superfood with incredible health benefits and a fantastic oil for the skin.

In addition to hemp, our product range includes various local Estonian plants from mint to algae. We know the specific origin, quality, and other characteristics of the ingredients. And we support small manufacturers who grow, harvest, and process plants. We also use wild plants like meadowsweet, fireweed, etc. We ensure that the plants’ origins are always known and ecologically clean. We work with an organic farm that does not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. So, in addition to our fantastic team, every purchase of a LUMI product provides livelihood to other small Estonian local manufacturers and family businesses.

LUMI ingredients