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What is niacinamide?

LUMI products consist of a fiew but carefully chosen ingredients, each of which plays a praiseworthy role in restoring your skin’s health. It’s time to get to know our superheroes!

A long list of ingredients turns to a wonderful Aha! moment and you will have a secret weapon to assess the promised efficiency of the product.

Let’s start with NIACINAMIDE, a genuine multitasker that serves as a powerful moisturiser and anti-ageing agent.

Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3:

☁️ Effectively regulates skin`s moisture balance.
☁️ Shrinks pores, skin appears more elastic.
☁️ Stimulates the synthesis of collagen cells.
☁️ Reduces wrinkles.
☁️ Has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, reduces redness.
☁️ Regulates melanin production, helps to lighten dark pigment spots.

There are many scientific studies on niacinamide. For example, studies have demonstrated that a ratio of 5% in a skin care product has anti-ageing effects and is especially effective in rejuvenating the skin of delicate eye area.

A TIP FOR YOU: Check the proportion of niacinamide in your product; if 5% is anti-ageing according to scientific studies, then 10% may be more powerful, but for many people, it will also irritate the skin. REMEMBER: LESS IS MORE! #lumicares

Niacinamide is for you if you are concerned about acne, redness, rosacea, pigment spots, inflamed, dry skin, or wrinkles.

Give niacinamide a try to see its efficiency on your skin!

The following LUMI products have this effective ingredient in them: HELLO (5%) eye serum, NAKED (5%) hyaluronic acid multi serum, HALO (4%) prebiotic moisturising mask, and Superbloom (2%) gel tonic.

Includes niacinamide

NAKED hyaluronic acid multiserum
41.00 -
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We all want healthy and radiant skin. Naked in our own beauty. A prebiotic and oil-free NAKED has been created for this purpose. Be prepared to be surprised!
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Hello eye serum
34.00 -
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Hello eye serum is an effective helper in dealing with dark circles, dryness, and swelling. Innovative and multifunctional - suitable for both men and women, as a morning refresher and evening moisturizer. The Hello effect is fast so that your eyes can shine in any situation!
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Halo Moisture Mask
38.00 -
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The dream of not having tired, dull, and dehydrated skin is now coming true! HALO mask softens and invigorates the skin, bringing out its natural radiance and health.
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Superbloom Toning Mist
28.00 -
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Are you worried about wrinkles, bumps here and there, uneven distribution of pigmentation, or just your particularly demanding skin type that challenges you every day? Superbloom gel-tonic will not let you down! Thanks to a specially developed skin revitalizing composition, the product is suitable for using as daily facial water for both normal and problematic skin.
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