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100 ml | Powerful final act of cleansing – rejuvenates, evens out, adds glow! | For all skin types, including sensitive ones

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Are you worried about wrinkles, bumps here and there, uneven distribution of pigmentation, or just your particularly demanding skin type that challenges you every day? Superbloom gel-tonic will not let you down! Thanks to a specially developed skin revitalizing composition, the product is suitable for using as daily facial water for both normal and problematic skin.


Eliko’s experience: “A pleasant product that moisturizes and evens out the skin – an indispensable product in daily facial cleansing. The smell is very pleasant.” – 22/08/2021

How does Superbloom gel-toner work?

  • It balances the pH level and restores the skin’s optimal protection capability. 
  • It evens out skin tone, reduces redness and improves skin texture.
  • It slows down the aging process of the skin and adds moisture.
  • It protects the skin against free radicals and other stressors.

The rich nutrients give the tonic a lush texture, which your skin cells eagerly absorb and gladly take in. This is confirmed by an immediate change in your image in the mirror – the skin is clearer; the complexion is more luminous and a satisfied smile tends to appear on the face. 

Key composition

  • Water distilled from peppermint  tones and refreshes.
  • Lady’s Mantle hydrosol is rich in antioxidants, helps to tone and tighten the skin, reduces the appearance of enlarged pores whilst helping to keep the complexion glowing. Helps to repair damaged skin if there is eczema, acne and redness.
  • Blackcurrant leaf hydrosol acts as an anti-inflammatory and protects the skin from oxidative stress.
  • The spring water provides relief for irritated skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid cocktail moisturizes different layers of the skin and has a rejuvenating effect. The smaller molecules of acid move deep into the skin layers and bind moisture, which makes the skin fuller and wrinkles noticeably smoother. Larger hyaluronic acid molecules also provide additional moisture in the upper layers of the skin.
  • Vitamin B3 or niacinamide is the perfect hero for a smooth complexion. It reduces wrinkles and prevents their recurrence, relieves redness, evens out skin tone and fights free radicals. An important substance especially for those who have concerns about skin tone or acne.

How to use and why?

We recommend that you shake the product lightly before each use to mix all the good active ingredients. This way you can be sure that you will get everything useful with every spray! 

The last touch for facial cleansing. First cleanse your face with cleansing milk. Then rinse and use a tonic. We recommend spraying the gel-tonic on the palm of your hand and applying it with your hands on a damp face, massaging it into the skin gently from the bottom up. If necessary, you can also use cotton pads, but with the help of the heat of your hands, the tonic is absorbed most effectively.

Instead of cream. Due to the airy and light texture, the tonic is a great replacement for a face cream. This is especially true during the summer, when the tonic helps to bring the necessary extra moisture to the skin. 

The basis for creating a make-up base. The tonic balances the skin, carries the necessary nutrients to the body and creates a well-adhesive surface on which it is convenient to apply make-up cream.

Your questions

Can the product also be sprayed directly on the face? It may, but due to the gel texture, it does not create an evenly distributed mist. When applying it to your hands, you will definitely get a better result.

LUMI has different facial waters-tonics, which one to choose? Refreshing birch facial water is designed to complete the cleansing and refresh the face or body (fit to spray all day, both on the beach and in the office). This facial water has the simplest and most natural composition. Tundra facial water is intended for the care of problematic acne skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory agents, such as natural salicylic acid from willow bark. Superbloom facial water, however, is created primarily for tired and aging skin, as well as when there is concern about uneven tone or acne. If you write to us in this chat window, we will be happy to help you create a skin care routine that takes into account the needs of your skin and choose the most suitable products for you. 

Is tonic or facial water necessary at all? If you want to keep your skin care routine as simple as possible, we recommend two basic products, which are cleansing milk and face cream. However, for problem skin and more effective care, a tonic and serum should also be added to the routine. Different products contain different beneficial substances to stimulate the skin. This is similar to a diet where a nutrient-rich, varied menu is better than a one-sided diet. 

Is it true that hyaluronic acid can remove moisture from the skin instead? Hyaluronic acid binds moisture in the skin. If there is more of this moisture than moisture on the surface of the skin or in the air, then theoretically yes. The main component of Superbloom facial water is flower water (a natural steam distillate of peppermint), which hyaluronic acid helps to transport as additional moisture to the skin. 

Should a gel tonic be followed by a cream or serum? Yes, we generally recommend continuing with serum and/or cream. The cream provides additional protection, vitamins, and useful fatty acids. Superbloom vitamin C night serum and a protective cream that activates collagen production are suitable for tired, stressed or aging skin.

Important to remember

LUMI products are special – chemical-free, fresh and minimally processed, so please protect them from direct sunlight. LUMI gel tonic stays the best for your skin for up to six months after opening. If you take a break from use, store the product in the refrigerator to slightly extend the life of the tonic. But it’s still the case that the fresher the better!

Let’s do good together and protect the environment! Read our recycling guide HERE and take the empty packaging to a collection container for recycling. 


INCI: Mentha Piperita Leaf Water**, Alchemilla Vulgaris Water**, Aqua (spring water)**, Niacinamide, Ribes Nigrum Leaf Water**, Sodium Hyaluronate*, Furcellaria Lumbricalis Extract**, Sodium Levulinate*, Sodium Anisate*, Citric Acid*

* Certified organic ingredient
** From a small Estonian producer

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