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The CBD+ product line is a first-aid responder for your skin’s most urgent concerns! Whether it’s skin inflammation, abrasions, cracked lips or irritations, CBD+ salve and balm have highly versatile effects because they are full of the highest quality full-spectrum CBD extract. This natural cannabinoid extracted from hemp is a compound that is natural to the human body, absorbs fast and improves skin structure.

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The CBD+ product line is a natural alternative to hormone therapy in the fight against dermatitis and psoriasis. The products are suitable for everyday use, for all skin areas and skin types. The structure of the skin begins to rejuvenate and the skin’s own defenses increase as a result of regular treatment after a week. Several clients and members of the test group have reported that the inflammatory signs have completely disappeared from the skin in just a few weeks.

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CBD+ Lip balm
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Intended for lips but is also helpful with other minor skin irritations. The skin softens immediately. The skin regains its ability to keep moisture and becomes silky. Contains excellent skin-restoring CBD and cold-pressed hemp seed oil.
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CBD+ Extra Strong Repair Salve
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An excellent product for stubborn skin problems. With full-spectrum natural CBD derived from hemp with anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.
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Clients love

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During corona, my husband and I wash our hands more than ever, and we both have dry hands and flaky and cracked fingers between them. We used hand creams daily, but there was no great effect. Through a recommendation of a friend, I bought LUMI’s CBD+ salve and it has worked wonders! Flaking is gone and you don't need to apply much at all. My husband also uses the salve enthusiastically, because it really helps. We use it for about a day and it is quite enough. I also use it in the evening mixed with LUMI’s deeply moisturizing face cream on my face. I have combined skin and some areas are dry while others are red and pimple prone. By morning, the redness on the my face is gone and the skin is moisturized with the CBD+ salve. I also really like the slightly grassy smell, although I understand that it may be unfamiliar to some. Recommend!
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Wonderful salve! I am really very satisfied because it has worked very well on my skin. Treats my acne skin perfectly, since I'm already on the second bottle. I use the salve 2x a day. It effectively relieves inflamed bumps and itchy places on the body. I apply the ointment to my lips as well. I will be buying a third jar soon. LUMI, thank you very much!
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It's very rare for me to get so excited about a product that I want to give feedback. But with the CBD+ salve, I just have to! When my skin suddenly changed from beautiful skin to ugly (red, swollen, inflamed), I had to look very carefully, in addition to everything else, at my facial care products. Although I had been using pure and high-quality natural cosmetics for years. Anyway, I couldn't live without the CBD+ salve. A divine product together with the Bio-Klinik series face cream. I actually admire them on my boudoir table! They do everything the product description promises. An acquaintance of an acquaintance was struggling with a psoriasis-like rash, I asked him to give him a link to the CBD+ salve. I found out after a few days that that person was so happy because it worked so well. This is a true story. I want all of LUMI ’s products. Every month I buy 1 new one until my beauty arsenal is complete. At the moment, I can deal with the beforementioned two as well. I love these creams. Thank God they came my way. Honestly.
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