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Atopic dermatitis? Rosacea? Dry, sensitive, or reddened skin? Bio-Klinik is for you!

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The first Estonian prebiotic and hypoallergenic series for sensitive skin. The perfect symbiosis of science and nature! Free from perfumes, preservatives, and other irritants, this natural formulation does not cause redness, itching, or stinging. In addition to instantly moisturising and protecting skin, Bio-Klinik products help skin heal itself, improving and strengthening skin structure over time.

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BIO-KLINIK Restorative Moisturiser
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Our Bio-Klinik dermatologically-tested hypoallergenic face cream is the result of a personal quest from LUMI’s founders to help family members suffering from inflamed skin. Cutting-edge science has been employed throughout the development process to bring you a unique face cream that restores skin structure and balances your microbiome.
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Suffering from atopic dermatitis? Rosacea? Dry, sensitive or reddened skin? Bio-Klinik is for you! LUMI are proud to present Estonia’s first prebiotic and hypoallergenic skincare product line – the perfect symbiosis of science and nature!
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BIO-KLINIK Moisture-lock toner
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There are few things in life we can be 100% sure about. Fortunately, Bio-Klinik is one of them! LUMI’s most popular product line has been expanded with another fantastic offering – Moisture-lock toner that makes Bio-Klinik creams even more effective than before.
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MINI BIO-KLINIK Restorative moisturiser
8.00 -
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Bio-Klinik hypoallergenically tested facial cream was born from the personal need of the founders of LUMI to help family members suffering from inflamed skin. In a thorough development process, state-of-the-art research  and bioactive substances that restore the skin's balance were brought together, resulting in a first unique skincare series.
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Skincare routine for sensitive skin
79.00 -
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A hypoallergenic prebiotic solution for sensitive skin that soothes, renews and moisturises all the problem areas of the body! The irritant-free natural formulation means that these products are suitable for the whole family - from infants to the elderly.
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Allergy Award Nominee 2019
Singapore Beauty Insider Awards 2019
Anne&Stiil beauty favourite 2018
"The product line, which is especially close to our hearts, grew out of a desire to help family members suffering from atopic dermatitis."

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I have been using the Bio-Klinik tonic for almost a month now and I am very satisfied. The tonic is light, odourless, with a delicate texture and quick absorption. At the moment, I only put it on my face and haven't applied it to my body. I'm doing a little experiment with this product, and small changes are already showing up in a short time... I'm trying to reduce wrinkles in the eye area with this product! I start my mornings by dipping both sides of my face in cold water and gently massaging my facial skin with my fingers. Then I pour some toner on a cotton pad and dab it on the eye area and I can already see that the wrinkles have gradually reduced! It gives you the motivation to continue, because fortunately there is still enough toner left and a smoother eye area makes your face shine! Thanks to the good LUMI wizards!
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Kristina Alunurm
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I wonder why the path to the right product can take years. When I was young, I had wonderful skin and didn't use any products to keep it smooth and redness-free, but at some point, things started to change. I was able to try a lot of different products, some of them caused a burning sensation and some relieved the redness, but temporarily. And one fine day (the sun was shining and the sky was blue), I came across LUMI’s products. I thought I'd find out what's going on and found the Bio-Klinik face cream which helps with redness and rosacea. I have to admit I was skeptical. Before ordering the product, I read most of the reviews and decided to test it. And it paid off! Today, I have very soft facial skin that only reddens when I have done something physical. Most of the time, my face is clear and I can easily go on without using any makeup. And it is certainly important for me that it is a local ESTONIAN product, made through a green way of thinking! Thank you for this amazing product!
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Simply a great face cream for dry, sensitive and flaky winter skin. I used the Bio-Klinik cream both as a night and a day cream, and to be honest, my skin purred under the invigoration and softness of the cream! If at first the smell seemed a little strange, maybe even a little grassy, but with daily use, my skin got so used to the 100% natural ingredients and the smell that it couldn't be any other way. No other cream is enough. My absolute favourite cream for cold and cooler weather. The Arctic face cream does just as a good job in summer, which is maybe a little too light for my skin in winter, but great in sunnier times. I praise the heavens and am very grateful that you are doing such a great job!
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