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About us

Fresh ingredients

Our products are full of natural cold-pressed oils and fresh raw ingredients. We use natural antioxidants and organic acids as preservatives. As a result, our products have a shorter shelf-life. We use airtight containers to ensure that our products stay fresh. Just one pump of our LUMI releases the sensation of fresh, pure Nature.


We believe that holistic health is the way to achieve great results. Our skin is affected directly by what we eat, think, and feel. In addition to product recommendations, we also give advice for taking care of your body and mind and provide professional skin care consultations.

It’s all about balance; we must go back to the basics to achieve it. LUMI is innovative and bold in seeking solutions, all in the name of science, while making the most of the power of natural resources. LUMI is not ordinary – we haven’t used fragrances to attract our customers since the beginning of 2012. On the contrary – unrefined hemp oil has a very unusual smell. We used raw, unrefined plant oils in the past, and we will continue working with them in the future, despite their tendency to oxidize, making formulations complex. Unrefined plant oils have shorter shelf-life than regular cosmetics – obviously, it was a real obstacle with retailers. We didn’t make any compromises back then, and we don’t make compromises today, even if our choices are not popular right now.

We choose the path to healthy skincare without unnecessary ingredients. Less is more. For example, fragrance-free cream wasn’t at all popular in 2013. But we stuck with it because of the microbiome (a word no one knew back then) and balance. Because we already believed back then that something as unnecessary as fragrance could not do any good for the skin. Remaining confident and focusing on what we believe in has led us to many satisfied clients whose skin problems we can solve today.

Fair conduct and full responsibility

The manufacturer’s responsibility is essential to us. We guarantee the quality of our products by using certified organic resources and scientifically proven ingredients.

We believe in fairness. Using local resources and the most sustainable crops is part of our vision. We believe in paying a fair price for high-quality products and processes. We are against animal testing.

Global and clinical research supports our passionate fresh ideas. We guarantee the efficacy of all our products.


Born from the heart, made with passion…

At LUMI, we believe in achieving maximum results naturally. We are a spin-off company from the University of Tartu. It allows us to create and guarantee the best possible skincare based on the latest scientific research.

Botanics and biotechnology are the heart of LUMI. We use hemp oil in our products. With a fantastic amino acid content, industrial hemp is one of the world’s oldest and most valued crops. It was banned for decades because of its association with its relative cannabis. Industrial hemp is now being rediscovered as a superfood with amazing health benefits and an excellent oil that works wonders for the skin.

Our skincare products are proven to provide restorative and anti-ageing benefits. Most of them are fragrance-free and ideal for sensitive skin.

Our family

Founder and CEO
Helen is the founder of LUMI and a true multitasker who refuses to use the word "impossible". Although product development is her primary focus, she also keeps her sometimes extremely controlling eye on the entire organisation. Helen can be a marketer or a delivery worker if needed. Sometimes, in rare circumstances, she is allowed to the "kitchen" to meditate by the cream kettle.
Creates your favorite products and makes sure everything is in order in the stockroom
Eda, our one and only. Her hands create LUMI products with great care and affection... If only there were several more of her. She can do much more than just creams - she is a multitalented person and a dream come true for every small business! Eda is precise and accurate in everything she does - making creams, packing them, setting up a system, writing, or interacting with clients. But Eda's favourite part of the job is making creams - she refers to it as meditation, and you can sense her attention to detail in every jar.
Performs research, tests it, performs more research, and tests it again and has time to handle production also
Maarja is our amazing cream magician, our peaceful fairy scientist who is grounded and calm even in the most stressful situations. She can be at ease on her route and get things done - like a cat who wanders all by herself. Still waters run deep. You can rely on Maarja! She has surprising skills, experience, and wisdom for a young person.
Analyses, promotes, and finds methods to introduce LUMI all over the world
Helena is LUMI's marketing manager and a no. 1 fan/addict of the brand. When you sincerely believe in a brand, marketing becomes a breeze... LUMI products ended my years of battling against acne, and LUMI has now taken over my home and my heart!
Brings our science to you in written form
Maarja is a cosmetician with an education in medicine. She is an enthusiastic learner and a true multi-tasker who loves to take on new challenges, even IT.  Maarja is constantly improving herself, so she can always offer our customers the most recent scientific knowledge and the best advice on how to use skin care products for complete skin care.
Ensures that your favorite products are delivered to you
Merle is like a glue between production and customer. Work flies in Merle's hands, and you can rely your life on her to manage everything to 100% satisfaction and even more at all times. Merle always goes above and beyond to ensure that all of LUMI's customers are thoroughly pampered.  Merle is a rock-solid colleague, and on top of everything else, she even makes soup for her colleagues for lunch. Merle is a serious and practical worker bee with a flaming heart.