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Towards greener LUMI!


Did you know that 90% of our clients order products without packaging? The long-term goal of LUMI is to eliminate all unnecessary packages. We will share our plans with you right here.

You can return your empty LUMI glass and plastic bottles, and we will reuse them in our long-term LUMI recycling program! You can return the bottles to us by using the same box your order arrived in (or any other packaging you have). Use the SmartPost code that came with your last order.

How can you send used bottles back to us?

Gather all of your old LUMI bottles. If you haven’t yet done so, you can start setting them aside and return them to us with your next LUMI order.

PS! Please return at least 4 used bottles at a time, so we can avoid making too many unnecessary deliveries.

You can return empty LUMI bottles to us with SmartPost within 14 days of your last LUMI order. Collect your LUMI order from SmartPost, unpack your new LUMI favourites, repack your old glass bottles and send them back to us!

PS: Remember to use suitable packaging material to keep them from breaking. Return your box full of old LUMI glass bottles to the parcel terminal using the same code you received to get your last order from SmartPost. This way, it is returned to us with no problems.

Remember, you have 14 days from the date you picked up your last order to return the box with old bottles. And please return a minimum of four bottles at once. Returning LUMI bottles is easy – check out the video. Thank you for your help and support on our journey to a greener life!

Sending your package

Today, we send all our products by default without an external product box – this is how we avoid excessive and often unnecessary double packaging. We understand that it might be nicer to receive the product in a box, but we have inevitably made this choice and we believe that the content of the product is what matters. Nevertheless, you can make your selection in the shopping cart and order your products in a box if you are a new customer and want the information on the box or if the product will be given as a gift.

In addition, IF POSSIBLE, we will also pack your order in recycled packaging. For this purpose, we use older LUMI packages, which have not been used by us, but will keep your order safe. You can recognize such packaging by our GREEN STICKER! You can also make this choice in the shopping cart if you agree with this shipping method.

We will do our best

Here at LUMI, we follow two principles: kindness to the skin and nature.

We always favour local Estonian fresh ingredients and use them whenever possible to support local farms and enjoy local plants’ magical healing properties. Estonian local goods have the most beautiful ecological footprint because we don’t have to transport them from the other side of the globe. Our products are not over-processed, and we can use as little energy as possible.


We have joined the Estonian recycling organization (Eesti Taaskasutusorganisatsioon). We pay for the recycling of our plastic packaging. We kindly ask our customers to take the packaging to the appropriate recycling container, ensuring that our plastic bottle does not contaminate the environment by ending up in a landfill!




We recommend ordering a package-free product from our e-store. This will ensure that the bottle or jar arrives without any additional packaging. Thank you!

Why did we choose plastic bottles?

We use plastic airless pump bottles with products that contain ingredients that decompose quickly. Cold-pressed hemp seed oil, for example, is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which quickly break down when exposed to air. It was a tough choice between 

a) preservative-free cold-pressed oil formulations that are good for the skin in a plastic pump bottle;

b) formulations with refined vegetable oils and extra preservatives in an airtight glass container. 

We chose a product that is useful and hygienic. LUMI creams do not include extra preservatives, so they are friendly to the healthy bacteria on your skin. Furthermore, oils and plant extracts that are not heat-treated preserve nature’s most miraculous properties: antioxidants and vitamins.

Why did we decide to use glass bottles and jars?

We use glass bottles and jars with products that are less vulnerable to air exposure without compromising quality. Glass can be recycled many times to create new glass products. It’s a little more difficult to carry, and there’s a chance it’ll break, but it’s beautiful and environmentally friendly.

What sort of packaging do we dream of?

Airless pump bottles made of biodegradable plastic would be ideal. It would be great if they were made of hemp fibre. However, no one yet manufactures such containers. We’re keeping our eyes on the packaging industry, which is rapidly evolving, especially concerning global plastic pollution and the climate crisis. We plan to use plastic bottles that are retrieved from the ocean and recycled. This is the next step toward a greener future.