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Support local Estonian products!

Did you know that all LUMI products are developed and manufactured in Estonia? We do not simply repackage products from another side of the world in a smaller bottle. On the contrary, behind every LUMI product is a long period of research, experimenting, and testing.

LUMI series is known for local Estonian hemp seed oil that is wonderful for the skin. Local Estonian resources are becoming increasingly important to LUMI, but the hemp plant is not the only local ingredient in our products.

In addition to hemp, our product line includes several local plants, from peppermint to algae. Using local resources ensures we know exactly where the ingredient comes from (the quality, etc). And also, we can support other small manufacturers who grow, harvest, and process plants. We also use wild plants such as meadowsweet, willowherb, etc. We always make sure that the origin of the plants is clean. We work together with an organic farm where there is no room for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. You can be sure that by purchasing a LUMI product, you are also offering livelihood to other small Estonian manufacturers and family businesses, not just our splendid team.

You have probably noticed the natural color and smell of LUMI creams. This is because we don’t want to over-process any plant, but we want to offer it as “raw and perfect” as possible. This way, we can take full advantage of its best properties for our skin, and not drain the environment with excessive production stages.

Better for you, better for the environment, and better for society.


LUMI`s hydrosols

LUMI`s hydrosols are produced by distilling fresh local Estonian plants, which means that the facial waters and serums we offer are NOT a production waste of essential oils.

We use both steam distillation and a method of capturing not only the volatile components but also the cell water of the plant. Cell water is destroyed by the conventional high-pressure production of essential oils and living cell water cannot be obtained from dried plant material. The plants must be fresh! The aromatic and therapeutic properties of the hydrosols are due to cell water, which is full of nutrient-rich minerals, phytosterols, antioxidants, and countless natural botanical chemicals.

LUMI`s serums

Our most important development criteria are the efficiency of the product and adding value to local resources – all of our oil-free serums are based on these hydrosols. We don’t use plain water as a foundation for serums. You will get the maximum effect from the synergy of ancient wisdom and scientifically proven bioactive compounds.

Thank you, partners!

We would like to thank our wonderful plant wizards Piia Kärssin, Irje Karjus, Uuenurme farm, and Olemari organic farm.

Photo: Caroline Sada