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Your every LUMI purchase takes 1kg CO2 out of the air!


Green Initiative

Shopping with us is CO2 neutral or even negative!

You can be guilt-free purchasing LUMI’s hemp seed oil-based skincare products, because in addition to absorbing CO2, growing hemp has several other effects, making it the most environmentally friendly crop on the planet!

First things first – we’re talking about industrial hemp, which contains very low levels of THC and is not intoxicating. The stigma surrounding other more psychoactive variants of cannabis has meant that the enormous potential of the noble industrial hemp plant has been left unrealized for decades.

The beginning of hemp cultivation goes back much further than you may think. Hemp is considered to be the first plant that humans grew for their own consumption. It grows in a wide variety of climates, whilst also brilliant at cleansing soil of pollutants (including radioactive contamination, which is why it is currently being used in Chernobyl!). Hemp also grows incredibly fast – the growth cycle of the plant roughly takes just 4 months.

Hemp seeds have high nutritional value. Their protein content, for example, is equivalent to animal products, whilst also containing all your necessary amino acids and omega fatty acids in an ideal ratio for humans.

The uses of the hemp plant are seemingly endless, with thousands of products already being produced from it. It has myriad health-promoting benefits for humans and animals, but so much more, too! Hemp can feed you, clothe you, and be used as the building blocks for houses, ships, or even cars (as well as the fuel inside them!).

Hemp fibre is the strongest natural fibre in the world. The Vikings used hemp fibre on their ships for ropes and sails, because of its incredible strength and resistance to seawater. We think that if it was strong enough for the Vikings, it’s strong enough for us! In addition, paper produced from hemp fibre is more durable than paper made from cellulose, and unlike the latter, does not yellow over time.

Hemp has not always had the same stigma as it has faced in the last few decades. In the 1600s, there were parts of America where hemp cultivation was mandatory for all landowners! During World War II, the US government encouraged the growing of hemp throughout the country with the slogan “Hemp for Victory”, as the plant fibres were so useful for producing war supplies such as rope and fabrics. The first American flag was also made of hemp fabric.

It’s not only humans who love hemp! Studies have shown that birds and bees are especially fond of the plant; in fact, bees are so enthralled by hemp that researchers believe it may be the key to saving dwindling bee numbers.

Almost as awesome as LUMI are LEGO, who plan to become completely environmentally friendly by 2030, replacing the plastic used to make LEGO bricks with hemp plastic!

Come visit us in Läänemaa during summer and admire your contribution to our beautiful, thriving hemp field!

For every LUMI purchase made, we plant 1m2 of Finola hemp, cleaning 0.8kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. All our LUMI products that use hemp seed oil come from harvested hemp. This is how we create a green circuit of production, allowing us to bring you wonderful products whilst also looking after the health of the earth and its people!

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This planet-healing, health-giving, wonder plant has so many amazing environmental benefits which give back to Mother Nature. Why we love cannabis so much and why we believe the biggest thing we can all do for the planet right now is to switch to cannabis!