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No spot can stop you! 

The last thing you want to worry about is a bothersome skin irritation, whether it’s post-shave redness or pimples. Thankfully, you only need to concern yourself with issues that lack a solution. With LUMI, you’re in good hands—we present to you Unspottable! With Unspottable On The Spot Treatment, skin irritation won’t stand a chance. You can move forward confidently, knowing you have a fast and effective remedy at your fingertips!


Chicos, this is for you!

Introducing the next generation of spot treatment: Unspottable. This innovative product offers a gentle yet effective approach to relieving pimples and skin irritations. In contrast to the last decade’s harsh and drying ingredients that often left skin even redder and more damaged, UNSPOTTABLE continues our tradition of treating your skin with care and love. Utilizing the latest skincare knowledge, we ensure your skin receives the best treatment without compromise.

Unspottable Spot Treatment is a harmonious blend of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that work together with soothing, moisturising, and caring components for your skin. This unique combination not only calms irritated and red skin but also speeds up the healing of micro-wounds and restores the skin’s protective barrier. Experience comfort and regain confidence in your skin!

No spot can stop you, you are Unspottable! 

Why choose Unspottable when we have Pimple Stopper? Unspottable, containing zinc oxide, is specifically formulated for targeted application on inflamed pimples or irritations as they arise. On the other hand, Pimple Stopper is designed for daily facial use to minimize pore clogging and enhance skin texture. In essence, Pimple Stopper acts as a preventative measure, while Unspottable serves as an emergency solution to acute problems.

Apply directly to the affected area for targeted relief in case of:

  • Irritation after shaving
  • Pimples
  • Itchy and scaling skin
  • Redness or other skin irritations
  • Micro wounds from shaving or a popped pimple
  • Cracked skin on hands

Unspottable offers multiple benefits:

  • Reinforces the skin’s protective barrier, diminishing skin irritations and preventing their occurrence.
  • Alleviates itching.
  • Calms pimples.
  • Speeds up the healing process

Unspottable is the final missing piece to complete your skincare routine. With this addition, you now have ALL the essentials to feel confident in your skin and be your best self!

How to use:

  1. In the evening, start by cleansing your face with a product that matches your skin type. Use Tundra AHA-BHA Cleansing Milk for oily skin, or Moisturising Cleansing Milk for normal to dry skin.
  2. Next, apply your preferred smoothie to your skin. You can choose from either the MEN Aftershave Tonic + Honey I’m Home combo and/or MEN Moisturising Cream, depending on what suits your skin best.
  3. Apply Unspottable directly to any pimples or irritations to promote rapid skin regeneration.
  4. After application, wait a short while to let the product absorb before getting dressed. This ensures the effectiveness of the treatment and prevents any residue on your clothes.

How Unspottable came to be?

During the summer, LUMI tested various zinc ointments originally developed for baby diaper rash. Recognizing that zinc ointment has benefits for a wide range of skin issues, we offered a trial version to a groom suffering from severe irritation and pimples on his neck, caused by the combination of hot weather and shaving. Within a week of using the zinc ointment, all his neck irritation had significantly improved. This experience led us to realize the need for a specialized first-aid product for men. We then created a unique formulation in a compact size, tailored to the needs of men’s skin, enhanced with moisturising, soothing, and anti-pimple ingredients.

“Thank you, LUMI, for healing my neck just in time for my wedding. The hot weather had caused terrible post-shave irritation, but a week of using your product, and my skin was perfect for my big day!” – James, July 2024.


LUMI products are special – natural, fresh, and minimally processed, so please protect them from direct sunlight. The moisturiser stays best on your skin for up to six months after opening. If you take a break from use, store the product in the refrigerator to slightly extend the life of the cream. But of course, the fresher, the better!

Let’s do good together and protect the environment! Read our recycling guide HERE and take the empty packaging to a collection container for recycling.


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