Arctic Duo

100 ml + 50ml | Restores, protects, strengthens | For extremely dry, reddened, scaly, itchy skin | Also suitable for children

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These creams have a unique composition that prevents weather conditions from damaging the skin on your face and hands and prevents moisture from escaping from the skin. Consistent use makes the skin stronger.


your skin dry, flaky, or damaged by the weather? Are you worried about redness, itching, and dryness?

The Arctic duo has the solution – the unique formulation creates a protective layer on the skin, preventing weather conditions from damaging the skin, and moisture from escaping. With consistent use, skin cells become stronger and are nourished with irreplaceable vitamins.

  • High amounts of vegetable oils and extracts nourish the skin deeply.
  • Hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight moisturises the skin and makes wrinkles less noticeable.
  • Beeswax creates a water-repellent and mattifying protective layer on the skin, which prevents dehydration.
  • Safe cold cream for different skin types

Suitable for normal skin but also for extremely dry, red, itchy, and flaky skin. Also, a good product for children with hypersensitive or problematic skin. The product contains beeswax, so it is not suitable for those who are allergic to bees.


Ideal as a cold cream or after-sun care. Massage a small amount on a moist face in the morning and/or evening. With sensitive skin, we recommend using the product on pre-dried skin to lower the effect.

You will get the best results if you use the cream after LUMI moisturising cleansing milk – the gentle exfoliating cleansing milk prepares the skin for additional nutrients.

Apply a rich dose of cream to your hands when you feel the need for extra moisture or softness. Massage gently. You will have healthy, and strong hands and nails.

Important to remember

LUMI products are special – natural, fresh, and minimally processed, so please protect them from direct sunlight. The creams are the best for your skin for up to six months after opening. If you take a break from use, store the product in a fridge to slightly extend the life of the cream. But of course, the fresher, the better!

Let’s do good together and protect the environment! Read our recycling guide HERE and take the empty packaging to a collection container for recycling.


Arctic facial cream:

INCI: Aqua, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) seed oil*, Cera Alba*, Betaine*, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*, Polyglyceryl-3 MethylglucoseDistearate*, Glyceryl Stearate*, Camellia Oleiferaseed oil*, Magnifera IndicaSeed Butter, Peucedanum OstruthiumLeaf Extract*, MyristylMyristate*, Cetearyl Alcohol*, Rosa canina(Rosehip) seed oil*, Carthamus Tinctorius oil*, MalvaSylvestris Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract*, Buddleja Davidii Extract*, Cellulose, SodiumBenzoate*, Potassium Sorbate*, Tocopherol(vitamin E), Xanthan Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin, Citric Acid.

*Eco-certified ingredient

Arctic hand cream:

INCI: Aqua, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil*, Cera Alba*, Betaine*, Glycerin*, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*, Polyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate*, Glyceryl Stearate*, Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil*, Myristyl Myristate*, Cetearyl Alcohol*, Cellulose*, Royal Jelly, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil*, Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil*, Sodium Levulinate*, Xanthan Gum, Panthenol, Peucedanum Ostruthium Leaf Extract*, Sodium Hyaluronate*, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Sodium Anisate*, Citric Acid*, Potassium Sorbate*, Sodium Benzoate*

*Eco-certified ingredient
**Eco-certified local raw materials


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