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Cleansing Your Face

Let’s face it: people have made many skincare mistakes using cosmetic products past decades. As a result, instead of trying to do good for their skin, they have harmed it.

Let’s go over the first and most important step of skin care – cleansing it. Let’s look at the ingredients we should get rid of and the methods to clean your skin safely and effectively.

1. Wash your hands before cleansing your face

Something so simple can make a big difference! It is not wise to start cleansing your face without considering what your hands have touched previously. Hands help us, but it is important to keep bacteria and dirt on your hands away from your face. Wash your hands before cleansing your face.

2. Use a two-step cleansing routine when using makeup

Firstly, remove makeup with our Babyface makeup remover for the eye area and face. It is a creamy mixture of vegetable oils and bioactive substances that removes makeup effortlessly and leaves the skin nourished, calm, and smooth. You can use cotton pads or a face wash cloth.

3. Choose a product suitable for your skin condition

Choose the right product for your skin condition. Check the list of ingredients. If sulfates are present, they may be too harsh and irritating to the skin.

Check the label for sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)and ammonium lauryl sulfate.

SLS is one of the cheapest and strongest surfactants used in skincare products, and also one of the most irritating. Their ability to remove the lipids of the stratum corneum means they penetrate deeper into the skin’s viable layers and can cause skin irritation and inflammation(Lémery et al, 2015).

The product is too harsh for your skin if your skin feels squeaky and tight after washing.  All LUMI cleansers are free of surfactants because we believe we should not remove the microbiome and protective barrier from our skin’s surface. It is our skin’s most natural and best defense from environmental damagebacteria, and premature ageing. With the right cleanser, your skin will feel smooth and pleasant.

Our cleansing products for everyday use are gentle and the acid content is generally well-tolerated. We do not want to shock the skin with strong acids, but rather recommend daily gentle skin care – it gives the same result over time without additional skin problems from harsh skincare.

Tundra AHA-BHA cleansing milk is ideal for acne-prone skin. It exfoliates and prevents clogged pores, mildly but effectively offers maximum results without drying the skin. The cleansing milk is also an ideal anti-ageing cleanser because AHA acids are crucial in anti-ageing skincare routines.

AHAs have keratolytic properties. They weaken the bonds between dead skin cells, causing them to exfoliate, resulting in a fresher look and less clogged pores. The composition includes a unique mixture from the Amazon rainforest (Copaifera officinalis (copaiba balsam) resin, Carapa guaianensis (Andiroba) seed oil, and Euterpe oleracea (Açaí palm) pulp oil). Studies have proven it reduces acne breakouts by up to 42.9% after 48 days of continuous use.

A solid choice for sensitive skin is Moisturising facial cleansing milk. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones, and it is fragrance-free, surfactant-free, and non-irritating. The lactic acid in it gently exfoliates, accelerating cell regeneration and creating a radiant and even complexion. The cold-pressed hemp seed oil has valuable omega fatty acids that help to restore the skin barrier.

TIP! Use cleansing milks as a deep cleansing mask a few times a week, keeping the cleansing milk on the skin for up to 5 minutes before washing off, depending on how your skin feels.

4. Avoid washing your face too often

Washing your face 1-2 times a day is enough. People with oily skin tend to wash their faces too often. Overwashing makes the skin very dry and the skin produces even more oil. Lukewarm water is best for washing your face because too hot water irritates and dries the skin and makes it produce more sebum, but very cold water does not wash away the dirt. Washing your face should take at least 60 seconds so that the substances in the cleansing milk can perform as they should and remove all unnecessary from the skin.

5. Drying your face

Use a soft towel and change it after a couple of daysAir-dry the towel between uses. It is not necessary to rub your face completely dry with a towel, pat most of the water off and then use skincare products suitable for applying on damp skin.

6. The finishing touches

After washing your face, use a face toner to balance the skin`s pH and prepare the skin for applying serums and creams. For example, Superbloom gel-toner gives a powerful finish to the cleansing routine. You can use it as a daily face wash for normal and problematic skin. The toner revitalizes, evens out the skin, and adds shine.

A high concentration of nutrients gives the toner a rich texture, which your skin cells eagerly absorb with pleasure.

Tundra AHA-BPA cleansing milk is the perfect companion to Yarrow facial water with salicylic acid, which soothes and clarifies teenage skinSilver willow extract reduces sebum production and has an exfoliating effect.

If you don’t want to wash your skin too often, but need refreshment during the day, we recommend trying one of our hydrosols or floral waters. For example, Lavender hydrosol is:

By following these tips, you can be sure to achieve healthy, strong, glowing, and clean facial skin.

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