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Happy Baby, Happy Parents: How LUMI Can Help Alleviate Common Skin Issues in Babies

Baby skin can be a unique challenge for a parent. Not only can little ones suffer more from skin diseases than older children or adults, but they can’t communicate with us or help themselves, either. What’s more, as a new parent, you’ve already got your plate full with hectic days and sleepless nights. It’s a stressful situation!

There’s no need to fear, however, because help is at hand! LUMI are here with a brilliant cast of skincare solutions for even the most sensitive skin that are sure to leave mum and baby smiling once more.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common infant skin conditions, and how LUMI can help keep those anguished cries and new parent fears at bay!

Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema and is characterised by dry, painful rashes anywhere on the body that can itch and become sore, as well as making skin more vulnerable to infection. The majority of atopic dermatitis sufferers first begin showing signs of the disease before they are six months old. It is thought that atopic dermatitis is likely an autoimmune condition with no cure, though symptoms do improve for some children as they get older. 

As there is no cure for atopic dermatitis, treating its symptoms and reducing discomfort is of paramount importance. Moisturising affected skin daily is vital for maintaining and strengthening your baby’s skin, which will reduce their irritation and chance of infection. 

LUMI’s Bio-Klinik series is Estonia’s first prebiotic and hypoallergenic skincare product line. Our Bio-Klinik Body Cream is specially formulated to be used by all ages and on even the most sensitive of skin – perfect for keeping your little one moisturised and protected, no matter what ails them.

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is an ultimately harmless but quite unsightly condition that causes greasy, crusty patches to appear on a baby’s head (and occasionally other areas). You may be tempted to pick these scales, but doing so may harm your little one and can lead to infection.

Instead, try using a small amount of LUMI’s La-Laa Baby Oil on the affected area. Massage the oil gently into the scalp to help loosen and remove the flakes; you may want to use a very soft brush to assist. La-Laa’s organic composition is food-safe quality and packed with antioxidants and vitamins to give little ones extra protection. Be sure to rinse all oil off afterwards, as leaving any on the scalp may lead to a recurrence of the issue. 

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is an extremely common condition characterised by inflamed or irritated patches of skin on your baby’s bottom, inner thighs, or genitals. This can be caused by prolonged contact with wet diapers or by chafing at the point where the diaper meets your little one’s skin.

If you notice a diaper rash on your baby, you should try to check and change their diaper more frequently, and ensure that diapers and clothing are not fitted too tightly. To reduce the immediate symptoms of diaper rash, try using a cream or ointment such as LUMI’s Lullaby Rescue Balm – the zinc contained within is a tried-and-tested solution that reduces and prevents irritation.

Newborn Skin Peeling

Whilst not necessarily a skin disease, new parents may notice their child’s skin peeling immediately after birth. Skin peeling can last for a couple of weeks and is more common for babies born after their due date. 

The condition will usually resolve itself without any intervention from parents or other caregivers, but you may want to apply a moisturiser suitable for babies’ skin – such as LUMI’s Bio-Klinik Body Cream – to maintain the strength and protection of your little one’s skin barrier.

Get Set with LUMI!

Hopefully this brief dive into common baby skin issues has helped allay some first-time parent fears, and equipped with you the knowledge you need to deal with things like a pro. If you’re looking to pick up some of the LUMI solutions mentioned here for yourself or a new mum you’d like to spoil, look no further than our brilliant combo sets! 

Our LUMI Don’t Worry, Baby set makes for the perfect gift for an expecting mum. The set contains our fragrance-free, award-winning La-Laa Baby Oil, the versatile and multifunctional Lullaby Rescue Balm with non-nano zinc, and our latest offering, Baby On The Way multi-nutrient supplements, full of essential vitamins to help mum and baby get off to the perfect start!

Need an even more luxurious option? Try our Queen Mom set, containing everything from Don’t Worry, Baby, as well as our fantastic Bedroom Bliss Intimate Oil with CBD, sure to help new parents get their groove back in the bedroom!

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Suffering from atopic dermatitis? Rosacea? Dry, sensitive or reddened skin? Bio-Klinik is for you! LUMI are proud to present Estonia’s first prebiotic and hypoallergenic skincare product line – the perfect symbiosis of science and nature!
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LA-LAA Baby oil
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La-laa Baby Oil will make you sing of happiness like a small child because what could be more pleasant than turning dry skin into silky moisturised skin. You can be carefree when using baby oil because the carefully developed ecological composition is suitable for both you and your baby’s delicate skin.
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Lullaby Rescue Balm
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A multi-functional versatile SOS balm crafted to aid in the recovery from diverse skin issues and their prevention! Lullaby is meticulously formulated to safeguard and nurture the skin, even during the most challenging circumstances. Conditions like perioral dermatitis, diaper rash, and post-shave irritation, among others, can lead to persistent discomfort and diminished quality of life. Lullaby is thoughtfully created to enable you to relish each day without worry, leaving bothersome skin problems behind. Entrust your skin to the care of Lullaby and experience the fullness of every single day.
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