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LUMI in the Streets, LUMI in the Sheets – Re-ignite Your Spark This Valentines with CBD!

Do you feel like heating things up in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day and beyond? Then look no further than LUMI! We’ve searched high and low to create two fabulous sensual enhancers that are sure to fire things up this February 14th.

Unlocking the power of your endocannabinoid system, these potent CBD-infused bedroom essentials will have you and your partner brimming with the energy and sensuality of that very first night spent together!

And because they’re from LUMI, you know that they’re all-natural and backed by the latest scientific research – as always! What more could you ask for? So, come with us, dear reader, and you’ll soon see those sparks of passion flying once more…

CBD & Sex: The Science Behind A Match Made in Heaven

For quite some time, research has indicated that the topical application of products containing cannabidiol (CBD) is linked to enhanced sexual satisfaction.

This revelation may not be surprising to those who are already acquainted with CBD, one of the predominant cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Known for its calming and relaxing properties, CBD, when applied to intimate areas, helps to ease tissue tension, generates a sensation of warmth, and creates a subtle buzz. This effect promotes increased blood flow in the tissues, leading to natural lubrication and heightened sensitivity.

The intimate area is rich in endocannabinoid receptors. Our body naturally synthesizes anandamide, a neurotransmitter often referred to as the “well-being” hormone or even the “orgasm hormone,” due to its association with orgasm and oxytocin, the hormone commonly known as the “love hormone.” Anandamide binds to the same endocannabinoid receptors that full-spectrum CBD from hemp leaves attaches to, making CBD a natural counterpart to anandamide.

This connection allows CBD to enhance sexual experiences significantly.

Unlock Your Most Sensual Self with LUMI!

So, now you know the science behind it all, it’s high time we showed you what we’ve been working on in LUMI towers!

Let’s start things off with our Natural High Orgasm Drops with CBD. These concentrated drops of joy will relax the body, quicken blood flow in all the right places, and will help anandamide – that all important ‘bliss hormone’ from earlier – really get going throughout the body.

Just apply a few drops to intimate areas fifteen minutes beforehand, then lay back and relax! Take this time to set the mood, engage in a little back-and-forth fun (we recommend giving one another a sensual full-body massage), and excitedly await the night of passion that is sure to unfold!

When you’re ready to get hot and heavy, grab the Bedroom Bliss Intimate Oil with CBD (if you haven’t already cracked it open for massaging). This entirely natural oil has all the goodness of the orgasm drops, but is formulated to be perfect for adding lubrication wherever its needed, as well as heightening your body’s states of relaxation and arousal.

You’ll need to warm up the intimate oil with your hands first, as the unrefined organic coconut oil base only liquifies at 24 degrees and above. Once it’s suitably smooth, give the bottle a hearty shake, and let the good times roll!

Apply liberally, and without neglecting the most sensitive areas. You’ll thank us later!

What’s that? You don’t want to choose between our two wonderfully sensual bedroom essentials? We hear you! That’s why we’ve created the extra-special Bedroom Essentials bundle, bringing you both orgasm drops and intimate oil, with a cheeky little discount thrown in there for good measure. You can’t say we don’t treat you!

Ready to supercharge your amorous adventures this Valentine’s Day? Click the links above to be taken straight to our online store! Or do you fancy treating yourself to a special something that’s just for you? Take a look at our entire range of totally organic, science-backed skincare solutions right here.


Bedroom Bliss intimate oil with CBD
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Are you craving more intense orgasms and more pleasurable bedroom experiences? Everything seems so easy in our minds! In reality, however, physical tensions and dryness of intimate areas can kill all self-confidence and hinder the experience of a beautiful moment. Bedroom Bliss intimate oil was made to assist and please your body to achieve that desired state!
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CBD Natural High Orgasm Drops
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A new level of enjoyment These orgasm drops will enhance pleasure, intensify orgasms and help you to create a playful mood. Natural High relaxes tissue tension, creating  tingling sensations and warmth.
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Bedroom essentials
Original price was: €82.00.Current price is: €76.26. -
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Spice up your life with a new kind of joy! LUMI Bedroom Bliss Intimate Oil and Natural High Orgasm Drops bring passionate excitement to your evenings and give you the opportunity to experience long-lasting satisfaction.
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