Vlad in Milan

Sandalwood | 220g | Burning time 40h

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You’re sitting in a cobbled piazza, the evening sun gently fading beneath the spires of the Duomo. The sound of laughter and clinking spritz glasses fills your ears, whilst luxuriant scents of sandalwood and citrus waft delicately across your nostrils. There is a buzz around you. The streets are alive with happy, chattering people dressed in the latest fashions; perhaps some are about to set new ones. The street becomes the runway, and vice versa. This is Milan.


Fragrances, more than any other sensory stimuli, have the ability to return us – perhaps to a place, a person, or a feeling. When you look at a picture, you are reminded of its subject, but when you smell something – a scent so evocative of that special time – you are truly transported back there. What’s more, fragrances can inspire us to dream of far-flung locales, of the people we might meet, the food we might eat, and the wonders we might see if only we took that first step out of the door. As the long nights of autumn and winter begin to draw near, let the scent of a LUMI candle transport you to a place you once were, or inspire you towards a future you’d like to realise.

Our Vlad in Milan candle encapsulates the essence of Italy’s most contemporary city, transporting you back to the jewel of Lombardy with a single strike of a match. It’s from this vibrant city that LUMI‘s fragrance and fashion guru, Vlad, draws inspiration for creating trendy videos. The masculine and reassuring scent of sandalwood calms anxiety and paves the way for mental clarity, much like Vlad’s very presence.

Our handcrafted, non-toxic candles are:

  • thoughtfully designed and produced right here in Estonia by our long-standing partner, Meelika of OKO Candles OÜ
  • made from 100% pure natural wax
  • cruelty-free and vegan.

In their hand-cast concrete containers, LUMI candles bring an air of minimalist Scandinavian sophistication to any interior. Our candle containers are waterproofed with natural hemp oil, making them ideal for reuse as candle holders or tasteful decorative elements, such as flower pots or storage cups.

LUMI candles use 100% organic cotton wicks and a mixture of rapeseed and coconut wax. All of our wax is produced in Europe, is GMO-free, and vegan. Not only are rapeseed and coconut waxes biodegradable, but they also burn longer and cleaner when compared to paraffin. What’s not to love?


LUMI candles are exclusively designed and crafted in Estonia. They are made from a blend of rapeseed and coconut wax, with fragrances composed of essential oils and various natural extracts. Moreover, LUMI candles are eco-friendly; they are biodegradable and offer a longer, cleaner burn than paraffin candles, utilizing a 100% cotton wick.


*May cause an allergic skin reaction. 

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