Flirt Hyaluronic Acid Hair-Spritzer

Flirt Hyaluronic Acid Hair-Spritzer

OIL-FREE hair moisturiser | Limited batch | 30ml | Vegan | Unisex 


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Goodbye dry, dull, flat and tangled hair! Hello shiny, healthy and fuller hair!


NATURAL, cold pressed, fragrance and oil free. Made with 92,1% local plants, and without unnecessary emulsifiers or thickeners. 


STAR ingredients:


– Hyaluronic acid and PGA for moisture and conditioning

– Peptides for strength and shape

– Algae for thinner hair

– Birch for growth and oregano for better compatibility

– Betaine helps to protect the hair protein structure in situations of high osmotic stress or heat and humidity variations. Work done by Hazel Pool Associates (HPA) 10 shows that treating European hair with a 5% betaine solution achieved:

  1. Improved hair strength
  2. Retention of its initial resistance to yield for a longer period
  3. Less prone to fracture




– Healthy, glossy and beautiful hair.

– With a good haircut, an even better look.

– Better hold for wavy and curly hair.

– Thankful and shiny, happy hair.

– More compliments.


For LUMI, a good product isn’t just natural and clean, it’s also produced ethically considering our environmental footprint, agricultural burden, transport and working with local small businesses. We always produce small batches to make sure that what we offer to our clients is as fresh as possible. 


In this product you will find scientifically proven bioactive substances from plants that grow in Estonia offering the maximum symbiosis of nature and science. Your new hair moisturiser is free from any unnecessary fillers like emulsifiers, thickeners, fragrances etc. Less is more has always been our motto.


Our plant hydrosols always come from local farms meaning they are not essential oil residues from large producers. We use freshly picked plants so the plant cell water can be preserved. The distillation process is lengthy to achieve maximum quality.


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Inci: Betula Alba leaf water**, Origanum Vulgare leaf water**, Betaine*, Hydrolyzed Wheat protein, Sodium hyaluronate*, Sodium polyglutamate*, Furcellaria Lumbricalis extract, Sodium levulinate*, Sodium anisate*, Citric acid*
* Certified organic ingredient
** From a local producer