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These products are essential for any beauty routine, enhancing skin health through the LUMI method.

Use Babyface and Moisturising Cleansing Milk nightly for cleansing. For a weekly spa-level treatment, apply the 15% AHA Peel Exfoliator and the prebiotic Halo Moisture Mask.

BABYFACE Makeup Remover
19.00 -
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The creamy blend of plant oils and bioactive ingredients frees the face in just seconds from the grip of strong mascara or eyeshadow. The skin stays soft, clean, and clear - just like a baby.
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15% AHA PEEL Exfoliator
39.00 -
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Exfoliating with acids is the only way to eliminate clogged pores, dead skin cells, fine lines, and uneven, acne skin with large pores. The secret to healthy and youthful skin is LUMI’s natural AHA acid peel exfoliator, which combines maximum efficiency with minimal irritation.
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Halo Moisture Mask
39.00 -
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The dream of not having tired, dull, and dehydrated skin is now coming true! HALO mask softens and invigorates the skin, bringing out its natural radiance and health.
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Moisturising cleansing milk
20.00 -
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What do we need to achieve flawless clear facial skin? A gentle but effective facial cleansing that stimulates cell renewal and prepares the skin for new nutrients. An efficient facial cleansing milk gently exfoliates, removing dirt and dead skin cells. After cleansing, the skin remains pleasantly moisturized and radiant.
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