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Beauty is Anything But Skin Deep – How Vitamins and Minerals are Vital for Keeping Skin Healthy!

Keep your skin at its radiant best with our LUMITEEK series of vital nutritional supplements!

Gym-goers know well the phrase ‘you cannot out-train a poor diet’, and much is the same for skin health. Your skin, like the rest of your body, is a reflection of the nutrients you make available to it. If your skin is lacking the vital building blocks it needs to repair itself and function properly, then issues are bound to follow!

We can infuse the skin directly with most resources through creams, serums, and balms, but this will always be an uphill battle if the body is not properly nourished. 

If we want to avoid preventable skin diseases and keep our skin at its healthy and radiant best, then we need to provide it with all the vitamins it so readily craves. With busy lifestyles and modern food’s lack of nutrients, however, that can be a daunting task.

That’s where LUMI comes in! Our LUMITEEK range of dietary supplements has been specially formed to address common deficiencies that may be preventing your skin from returning to its natural healthy radiance. With a holistic approach that treats skin issues from the inside as well as out, your chances of success are that much higher!

Let’s explore some of our most popular supplements, looking at why they’re important for our bodies and why our clients love them so much!

LUMITEEK No. 1 – Zinc

We’ve written at length before about the benefits of zinc and the symptoms of zinc deficiency. It’s one of our favourite topics, in fact, because zinc plays such an important role in the health of skin and our entire bodies. The mineral contributes towards cell renewal, collagen production, and wound repair, as well as being an important antioxidant.

It’s so important to our skin, in fact, that a zinc deficiency can lead to a range of skin diseases, including rosacea, eczematous dermatitis, acne, and psoriasis, with symptoms improving once zinc was administered. Zinc supplements are also often given to those suffering from infectious and inflammatory diseases, but it’s always a good idea to keep your body topped up no matter how you’re feeling. Your skin will thank you!

Our LUMITEEK Essential! Bioactive Zinc capsules contain easily absorbable zinc diglycinate, perfect for keeping your skin healthy, powerful, and radiant. For ultimate protection, try combining zinc with skin superstar niacinamide – grab both at once with our brilliant LUMITEEK Skinguard! B3 Vitamin + Bioactive Zinc bundle!

LUMITEEK No. 2 – Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Niacin, or Vitamin B3, is a hot topic in the skincare world (see our blog all about it right here!). A darling of the industry, niacin is one of the few wonder ingredients that really does live up to the hype! It’s found naturally in lots of foods and is vital for the functioning of the body as a whole, including energy conversion, healthy cholesterol and fat synthesis, DNA creation and repair, and antioxidation.

With regards to skin, the vitamin has been shown to improve skin barrier function, reduce pore size and the production of sebum, increase collagen levels, reduce redness, and minimise hyperpigmentation and sallowness. Niacin binds with compounds in the body to create NAD+, a coenzyme that has been shown to be vital for keeping skin youthful by preserving its ability to replicate and function properly.

Niacin really is a skin superstar!

Here at LUMI, we only use the niacinamide form of niacin in our products, including our LUMITEEK Restore! Vitamin B3 (Niacin) supplements. This derivative of niacin is well tolerated by the body and does not cause skin flushing, unlike niacin in the form of nicotinic acid. It’s always worth checking the labels of products containing niacin to see what’s really inside!

LUMITEEK No. 3 – Selenium

Selenium is an often overlooked but essential trace element that has an important function in the body. Primarily an antioxidant, selenium plays a vital role in eliminating free radicals – these wayward particles speed up aging by damaging healthy cells. Selenium has also been shown to play a role in minimising some cancers and boosting immunity, whilst oxidative stress (something antioxidants reduce) has been linked to a host of skin and wider body issues.

There is a clear link between selenium levels and the prevalence of some skin diseases. Studies have found that high selenium levels tended to be a protective factor with regards to the prevalence of psoriasis, acne, and atopic dermatitis. The benefits of antioxidants for skin are well-documented, reducing inflammation and helping your body properly repair itself.

Humans are incapable of synthesising selenium themselves, so must rely on external sources to acquire this vital ingredient for proper bodily functioning. Our LUMITEEK Cellular Health! Selenium supplements contain a bioactive, highly absorbable form of selenium that provide your body with the perfect daily amount needed to keep you at your best and keep those pesky free radicals at bay!

LUMITEEK No. 4 – Beauty & Brains! Bioactive B-Complex

What could be better for you than a single vitamin boost? Why, a whole host of vitamins, of course! B vitamins are completely essential to our bodies, performing an incredibly wide and varied set of functions within us. From heart function to cell division, and from immunity support to amino acid synthesis, B vitamins are integral to every single cell in our body.

That includes the largest organ of all – the skin! Our LUMITEEK Beauty & Brains! Bioactive B-Complex supplements contain a wide range of vitamins B1 through to B9, providing your body with key nutrients that keep the body functioning smoothly and keep skin looking healthy and radiant.

B vitamins’ role in skin health has been well documented. We’ve already talked at length of the benefits of Niacin (B3), but other B vitamins have an important role, too. For example, biotin (B7) deficiency is associated with alopecia and the appearance of scaly dermatitis on areas of skin, whilst riboflavin (B2) has antioxidant properties. 

Every vitamin included in the supplement brings its own benefits to the table, and is research-proven to be vital for the proper functioning of your body, inside and out!

Ready to give your skin the nutritional boost it’s been craving? Find our entire range of LUMITEEK supplements right here. Looking for something else? You can view every one of our science-led, totally organic skincare solutions here!


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