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Body and hands

The season of dry and fragile skin is here – indoor air is dry and outdoor conditions are harsh. Moisturisers protect the skin from environmental factors by strengthening the skin barrier. Your body and hands need creams and treatments according to your skin type, just as your face does. Unfortunately, choosing the right cream can be challenging – there are numerous lotions and creams available today, and some of them have ingredients that are difficult to understand.

LUMI moisturisers have been developed in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Tartu.

Our moisturisers are based on Estonian 100% organic hemp seed oil and they do not contain synthetic fragrances, silicone oils, petroleum products, or preservatives. Hemp oil can moisturise perfectly, and so can LUMI creams!

We will help you learn about the differences between LUMI creams, lotions, and oils. Choose your favourite body moisturiser for the season according to your skin type – it is easy!

For the body

BIO-KLINIK soothing and moisturising body cream

BIO-KLINIK moisture-lock body cream will hydrate your body for up to 48 hours. The cream calms your skin, helps to regenerate tissues, and protects against irritations. The cream is suitable for atopic, dry, itchy, scaly, reddish, and extremely sensitive skin. Problematic skin with dermatitis and other skin issues will love this cream as well.

Nourishing body oil

Our best-selling and award-winning LUMI nourishing body oil was one of our very first products. It includes hemp seed oil and urea, which helps the oil to absorb. Essential oils activate lymphatic circulation and are excellent for tightening facial skin. Use the oil after a shower or mix a few pumps of it into your bath water and enjoy the softness of your healthy skin.

Revitalising body lotion

LUMI revitalising body lotion targets skin issues systemically, entering different layers of the skin. Camellia oil and hyaluronic acid can penetrate deep – they add elasticity to the skin and keep it hydrated with the help of Peucedanum Ostruthium and lactic acid. Hemp seed oil improves the skin’s natural protective barrier and prevents dehydration. Shea butter creates a protective layer on the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis.

The lotion is suitable for sensitive skin. Absorbs fast, hydrates for a very long period, and makes the skin silky. This body lotion is perfect for dry and very sensitive skin.

Trimming and toning body moisturiser SENSES

Are you searching for a firming, smoothing, and moisturising body lotion? Here it is! SENSES body lotion is inspired by scientific research. The moisturiser will tone, trim, and hydrate your skin while essential oil aromatherapy drives your senses wild! Bioactive ingredients improve the orange peel texture of the skin, and clay evens your skin tone. Suitable for all skin types. Do not use this lotion if you are pregnant or breastfeeding – in this case, choose LUMI products that do not contain essential oils.


Hand creams

Pay attention to skincare, especially in harsh weather conditions. High-quality creams will keep your hands soft and healthy. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and other skin-repairing agents.

Arctic hand cream

The fragrance-free Arctic hand cream protects extremely dry, reddened, damaged, and scaly skin from harsh weather conditions. Beeswax prevents moisture loss by creating a water-repellent protective layer. Vegetable oils and plant extracts deeply hydrate and nourish the skin, the hyaluronic acid moisturises and gives elasticity.

Photographer: Caroline Sada

For your body & hands

BIO-KLINIK Moisture-Lock Body Cream
24.00 -
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Atopic dermatitis? Rosacea? Dry, sensitive, or reddened skin? BIO-KLINIK is just for you! This is the first Estonian prebiotic and hypoallergenic series created in a balanced symbiosis of top science and nature. The creams and deep moisturizing tonic of the series are suitable for use even on the most demanding skin because the free natural composition of perfumes, preservatives, and other irritants does not cause redness or itching and does not burn.
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Revitalising body oil
18.00 -
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The multifunctional body oil offers your skin an abundant festive meal rich in nutrients and relaxing aromatherapy for your senses! The combined effect of super oils smoothes, renews, and brightens the skin. You will soon discover that home skincare can be as pleasant as an expensive visit to a spa.
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Deeply moisturizing body treatment
18.90 -
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Dry air, changing weather conditions, and daily stress weaken the skin, making it sensitive and fragile. LUMI body lotion fights problems systematically, entering different layers of the skin and nourishing them deeply. In well-cared skin, you are always one step better prepared for the changes happening in life.
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SENSES remodelling body moisturizer
27.00 -
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A delightful body lotion inspired by scientific research that tones, tightens, moisturises and slims, while essential oil aromatherapy excites the senses.
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Arctic Hand Cream
19.00 -
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Does constant smearing of cream on dry and flaky hands cause boredom? Especially if the result doesn't seem to be anything other than a waste of cream. Cold climate hand cream based on hemp seed oil approaches the problem differently. The unique composition creates a protective layer on the skin that prevents moisture from escaping and keeps your hands soft even on the coldest winter days.
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LA-LAA Baby oil
21.00 -
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La-laa series products make you sing of happiness like a small child because what could be more pleasant than turning dry skin into silky moisturized skin. You can be carefree when using baby oil because the carefully developed ecological composition is suitable for both you and your baby’s delicate skin.
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"Although I initially tried LUMI products out of curiosity, I now have become a true fan of the series, I am not willing to break loyalty for certain products. If I had to describe capricious skin, I could speak from personal experience and say that capricious skin is dry, itchy, reddish, and hypersensitive. Anyone with experience knows that finding the right products for such skin is like going through an obstacle course! However, the products of the Arctic series have greatly improved the situation. They are especially helpful in winter. Series like this must obviously be the result of a huge dedication and a lot of knowledge, experience, time, and love have gone into it."
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