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Seek, Sense, Savor – Your Guide To Navigating the World of Perfumes

Choosing a new perfume? Here are a few simple rules we always follow!

Open Minds Venture Further

It’s true that sometimes we know exactly what we want in life. More often, however, we simply think we do. Perfume is an adventure into sense, and you’ll travel a lot further if you keep your mind open. Try something you’ve never considered before. If a perfume has a specific ingredient you don’t typically enjoy, try it anyway. Live a little! The more you experiment with scent, the more likely you are to unearth a hidden gem.

Patience Really is a Virtue

Each perfume is a unique beast with its own method of taming. Multiple factors contribute to the way scent opens up on your skin – your hormones, humidity, and even the time of year can all alter a fragrance as it mixes with your body’s natural smell. If you don’t enjoy the way a perfume smells right now, don’t throw it away just yet; try applying it in a different season, or simply give it some time. We don’t wear the same clothes all year round, even if we love them, and sometimes neglected pieces become wardrobe staples years later. The same can happen with perfume!

There’s No Shame in a One Night Stand

Sales consultants, for obvious reasons, will tell you to act on any positive impulse you have. “If you like it, get it!”, they cry, trying to convince you of a purchase before the rational part of your brain has a chance to kick into gear. Run away from these kinds of people and never visit them again. 

You are allowed, and should be encouraged, to take all the time you need to become accustomed to a scent. Try it on your skin, walk around, have a coffee – let it breathe. You may even want to sleep with a scent, giving it a full night’s rest before coming back the next day. Never judge too quickly – truly great scents develop and open up over time. As a minimum, give any scent 15-20 minutes to see how things open up.

Start Small

“I’m saving money by buying a larger bottle. It’s more economical!” – a classic white lie that we have all told ourselves at some point. Perfume – whilst beautiful and to be cherished and adored as a form of art – is not a necessity. There is no prescribed amount of scent that one needs in their life, and thus, buying more of it than originally intended is not an economic win, no matter how good the deal may seem.

Instead, get a smaller size, or use that same amount of money you may have spent on 100ml of one perfume to pick up a discovery set, allowing you to try so much more of what the world of fragrances has to offer. This will help you build your perfume wardrobe and, ultimately, get more from your money.

Trust Yourself

Just as with anything in life, know that your preference is ultimately the most important factor to consider. You are the one wearing the scent; not your friends who think it’s the bomb, not the sales assistant with commission numbers in their eyes, or even your significant other. Scent is fundamentally for you and you alone, and you won’t find a perfect match if you’re worrying about what others think. 

Perfume can be many things – a warm blanket, a time machine, or even a set of shining armour for us. It can be a roaring crescendo, or that lingering last touch. An invisible signature, your love letter to today, or an everlasting memory of the good times. Perfume is whatever you make of it, so go ahead and make it the most beautiful, striking, and wearable art you’ve ever possessed. 

But above all, make it yours.

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