Senses CC Clay Moisturiser

Toning day cream 50ml | Tightens | Mattens | Protects | Unisex

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A skintone correcting day cream, infused with natural golden yellow clay. It effortlessly bestows an elegant, healthy complexion. This day cream boasts a light, non-greasy texture, leaving your skin feeling firm and velvety matte. As you enjoy a refreshed, chic, and radiant look, this clay-based toning day cream works its magic by cleansing and hydrating your skin. Gone are the days of heavy makeup layers – instead, let your naturally healthy skin shine. Your monthly investments in your skincare don’t need to be concealed but celebrated. The LUMI method, combined with LUMI Senses CC Clay Moisturiser, accentuates your unique and innate beauty. Flaunt it with pride!


Senses CC Clay Moisturiser – Innovative, Sustainable, and Trendy! This moisturising day cream not only corrects your skin tone but also nourishes and protects your skin with added ingredients. Say goodbye to concerns about clogged pores from toning creams or the buildup of silicone residues in the environment.

The Senses CC Clay Moisturiser is a safe choice for both your skin and the planet. Unlike other products with similar functions, it stands out thanks to its sustainable ingredients.

CC cream shades stressing you out? Clay it cool – nature knows best!

Naturally colored clay blends seamlessly with your skin tone, enhancing your facial features beautifully! The yellowish hue of Senses CC Clay Moisturiser counteracts redness, banishes any signs of paleness, illuminates the eyes, and leaves a refreshed, revitalised appearance with a smooth, matte, and toned feeling.You can now put your worries to rest, as the issue of toning creams causing clogging or silicone residues accumulating in the environment is a thing of the past. Senses CC Clay Moisturizer not only guarantees the safety of your skin but also stands apart from other products with a similar purpose thanks to its environmentally friendly, sustainable ingredients.

Natural clay:

  • has a gentle exfoliating effect, which helps get rid of dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother and more radiant. It also enhances skin texture, reduces dullness, and boosts the effectiveness of your other skincare products.
  • helps balance sebum production by absorbing excess oil from your skin’s surface, all while keeping your skin hydrated. It’s perfect for those with oily or combination skin types. The clay component also works to create a matte finish, minimizing shine and the look of enlarged pores.
  • acts as a gentle detox for your skin. The clay in it effectively clears away built-up environmental pollutants and any lingering makeup or skincare product residues, leaving your skin fresh and clean.
  • offers soothing benefits for your skin. It’s great for calming skin irritations and reducing redness. If you’re dealing with inflammatory skin conditions like acne, eczema, or rosacea, a clay-based product like this can be especially effective.
  • clay is a natural treasure trove of minerals that provides essential nourishment to your skin, promoting its overall health. It plays a role in enhancing elasticity and stimulating collagen production, all while helping maintain the skin’s moisture balance for a youthful and radiant complexion.
  • has the added benefit of diffusing harmful UV rays, making it an excellent companion for boosting your SPF protection!
  • using clay is a win-win for your skin and the environment. The clay used in LUMI’s products is sourced from a company committed to sustainable practices, ensuring that your skincare choice not only benefits your skin but also supports eco-friendly values.

Senses CC Clay Moisturiser is packed with moisturising, protective, and contour-enhancing ingredients for your skin. This product is wonderfully light and transparent, avoiding the accentuation of wrinkles or the dreaded “mask” appearance. It’s all about embracing happy, healthy skin with this one. Happy You, Happy Skin! Makes Senses!

Similar to all other LUMI products, the Senses CC Clay Moisturiser includes prebiotic ingredients that nurture and fortify your skin’s protective barrier. The Senses CC Clay Moisturiser also offers an added benefit: it shields your skin from absorbing air pollution. Plus, it’s completely fragrance-free!

TIP! Tailor your skincare routine with other LUMI products that align with your skin type and desired outcomes. Combine them with Senses CC Clay Moisturiser to maximize its benefits and achieve your skincare goals.

To achieve a “glass skin” look:

You can customize your routine by mixing the Senses CC Clay Moisturiser with Sunberry Turmeric Day Serum in your palm or using the oil serum as a highlighter on areas like cheekbones, browbones, or the upper lip contour. This dynamic duo amplifies the antioxidant and skin-protecting benefits of your Senses CC Clay Moisturiser.

For reddened skin:

Mix Senses with Pimple Stopper. The green tone in Pimple Stopper effectively neutralises redness, while its active ingredients work to soothe your skin.

In case of textured, flaky or oily skin:

Grab the Arctic Face Cream, which doubles as a mattifying and smoothing primer when applied before Senses CC Clay Moisturiser.

To finish off the look, a touch of blush or sun powder followed by the Nudist Hyaluronic Acid Multiserum is all you need. This effortless combination delivers a trendy, natural, and radiant result.

The best part? While you’re looking stunning, your skin is receiving care and protection it deserves. Your skin will thank you, and the compliments will pour in, speaking for themselves!


Our LUMI products are truly unique, boasting a natural, fresh, and minimally processed formula. To preserve their quality, it is important to shield them from direct sunlight. Once opened, the protective cream will last for six months. However, if you decide to take a break from using it, storing the product in the refrigerator can help extend its lifespan.


INCI: Aqua, C13-15 Alkane*, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil*, Kaolin, Mangifera Indica Seed Butter*, Polyglyceryl-2 Stearate*, Betaine*, Rubus Idaeus Seed Oil*, Glyceryl Stearate*, Cera Alba*, Stearyl Alcohol*, Glycerin*, Cellulose*, Myristyl Myristate*, Levan, Squalane*, Malva Sylvestris Flower Extract*, Sodium Levulinate*, Glucose, Sodium Anisate*, Tocopherols*, Lactic Acid*, Silica (Algae)*, Xanthan Gum, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil*, Fructose, Sucrose, Citric Acid*, Potassium Citrate, Sodium Citrate

* Certified organic ingredient


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