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This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves pampering their hair with top-notch products! The silky feel of the scrunchie is so enticing that they’ll never want to use another hair tie again. The Flirt Hyaluronic Acid Spritzer is a wholly natural and highly bioactive hair moisturizer and protector, free from any fillers that could weigh hair down. Expect hair that is silky-smooth and beautifully cared for.


This gift is perfect for all the aspiring Rapunzels out there! Silky, well-kept locks are a treasure for any girl or woman, enhancing their charm and beauty!

Discover the natural powerhouses behind lustrous hair:

  • Origanum: Enhances detangling and aids in dandruff control.
  • Birch: Fortifies hair and promotes growth.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Provides deep hydration and rejuvenation.
  • PGA: Offers antistatic properties and drives active ingredients and moisture deep into the hair fiber.
  • Red Algae: Contributes to thicker, more robust hair.
  • Betaine: Reinforces hair strength, minimizes breakage, and shields hair from heat damage.
  • Peptides: Strengthens hair, gives lift to the roots, and revitalizes waves or curls for an essential boost.

NB!: Our hair moisturizer is free from unnecessary additives like emulsifiers, thickeners, and fragrances. It’s also oil-free, meaning it doesn’t contain palm oil or any other nut oils that demand extensive environmental resources.

USAGE: Apply to the tips of your hair after washing, and use it on dry hair as needed, especially if your hair is very dry. It’s particularly beneficial after heat styling or before a hot summer day to protect your hair and replenish its moisture. Remember, there’s no need to rinse out this serum! Simply spray it into your palm and then gently work it through the ends of your hair.

The mulberry silk scrunchie, infused with silver ions, encourages collagen production, aiding in the repair of damaged hair. Its natural silk composition won’t leave any creases and helps prevent tangles.

Silk’s inherent smoothness ensures that this scrunchie holds your hairstyle securely without causing any damage. The little things count, and using harsh hair ties can lead to daily damage, frizz, and breakage. This silk scrunchie slides easily through your hair, maintaining its health and luster. It won’t tug at your scalp or hair, and you’ll quickly notice the difference compared to other hair accessories. Before long, this lovely silk piece will become your go-to hair accessory.


LUMI products are unique – chemical free, fresh, and minimally processed – so please protect them from direct sunlight. LUMI products are most effective up to six months after opening. If you decide to take a break from using our products, store in the refrigerator to slightly extend their life. As with all natural ingredients, however -the fresher, the better!

Let’s do good together and protect our environment! Read our recycling guide HERE, and please take your empty LUMI packaging to a recycling collection container.



INCI: Betula Alba leaf water**, Origanum Vulgare leaf water**, Betaine*, Hydrolyzed Wheat protein, Sodium hyaluronate*, Sodium polyglutamate*, Furcellaria Lumbricalis extract**, Sodium levulinate*, Sodium anisate*, Citric acid*

* Organic certified ingredient

** From a small Estonian producer


Made from mulberry silk, infused with silver ions


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