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It’s Official – LUMI Has Europe’s BEST Natural Night Cream!

Science and nature combine forces in our award-winning ICONIC Overnight Peptide Treatment!

Natural skincare has changed. Whereas twenty years ago, the scope of organic skin treatment may have been limited to essential oils and simple herbal remedies, nowadays we see complex natural solutions that rival the efficacy of factory-produced industrial products – and often surpass them!

It’s safe to say that we are currently witnessing something of a revolution in skincare, lead by biotechnology advances and millions of people realising that what you do not include in your products is just as important as what goes in them. With every scientific breakthrough, we see the skincare landscape move away from harsh chemicals and isolated solutions, towards a more holistic approach to treatment that is kinder and more nourishing to skin.

As ever, LUMI leads this charge towards better skin health! Whether through our use of algae-based silica that is kinder to the planet and brings more benefits to our skin, or our adoption of the fantastic plant-based retinol alternative Bakuchiol, you will always find us at the cutting edge of natural science.

This science-first approach to organic skincare has never been more apparent than in our ICONIC Overnight Peptide Treatment. A gold medal winner in 2023’s European Natural Beauty Awards, this night cream represents the perfect combination of science and nature!

ICONIC Overnight Peptide Treatment is designed to prevent premature skin aging and lighten pigmentation spots without harming the skin’s microbiome – a concern that many artificial skincare products ignore, despite its vital importance to skin health.

Fermentation-derived peptides and other compounds help stimulate collagen production in the body, as well as the skin’s metabolism and regenerative capacity. By doing so, ICONIC Overnight Peptide Treatment causes cells to temporarily ‘lose memory’, relaxing and smoothing out wrinkles caused by tension and aging. The treatment’s organic cream base also helps to bring moisture to the skin – a vital component in any treatment!

Included cannabinoids help to repopulate and correct the body’s endocannabinoid system, a potent and oft-overlooked system of transmitters and receptors within the body that help us achieve homeostasis (the body’s natural balance). Combine the overnight peptide treatment with our ICONIC day cream for a 24-hour protective combination that’s sure to revitalise, repair, and reinforce your facial skin!

Ready to give your facial skin the ICONIC boost it’s been craving? Check out our award-winning night cream and other ICONIC products here. Want to see our full range of technology-driven, organic skincare solutions? Look right here!

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