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Smoothie magic – perfect mix for your skin

None of us expects skincare to become a time-consuming research project with specialized products and routines. We are happy to recommend a simple solution we have used for years.

We’re all familiar with the term “smoothie.” But what exactly is a skin smoothie, and why would anyone need one? The probability that you also need a smoothie is 99%!

PS! You can read more about the anatomy of the skin here.

When you mix fat-soluble and water-based products in your palm, the bioactive components can easily absorb into your skin. Some stay on the surface, while others can penetrate deeper. Fatty acids help to transport fat-soluble compounds, and hydrophilic compounds help to dissolve water-soluble substances.

Smoothies are much more enjoyable, easier, and faster to use than applying products on top of each other! We can promise you that! Try it – everyone who already uses this method sings the praises of the smoothies.

Here are some smoothie combos to get you started. NB! Take a creative approach to smoothie mixing. Depending on your mood, pick your toner, cream, or serum, and choose what your skin needs. Add BB cream or sun powder if you want a glowing effect.

Recipes for skin-nourishing smoothies

Sensitive skin smoothie
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This duo is suitable for even the most demanding skin because it is natural and free of perfumes, preservatives, and other irritants. Does not cause redness or itching and does not sting. When used consistently, the skin ages more slowly, can protect you better and become stronger.
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Anti-acne smoothie
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We have a smoothie recipe for young skin to look healthy and fresh. The smoothie consists of Tundra toner, cream and CBD salve. Tundra toner soothes and restores skin’s defences. Tundra cream helps to reduce sebum production and has an exfoliating effect. CBD salve helps to heal inflamed or post-inflammatory areas faster. You can adjust the consistency by mixing your own smoothie.
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Anti-redness smoothie
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This prebiotic smoothie is here to stay. BIO-KLINIK's soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory face cream, in combination with NAKED niacinamide serum, allows the skin to help itself, repairing and strengthening its structure over time.
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Atopic smoothie
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Atopic skin is challenging to endure both mentally and physically. LUMI's three superheroes for sensitive skin are waiting to be mixed in the palm of your hand to soothe redness, dry patches and itchiness. The cream with prebiotics restores the skin's microbiome, which protects the skin and reduces the occurrence of irritations.
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Glowing skin smoothie
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A glowing smoothie cocktail consisting of BIO-KLINIK soothing and deeply moisturizing toner for face and body, light and refreshing moisturizing cream from the MEN series and SUNBERRY serum. It soothes irritations, quenches the skin’s thirst and provides a soft golden glow.
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Summer Glow smoothie
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Your favourite sun powder + NUDIST body serum to give your body a beautiful complexion + SUPERBLOOM toning mist to bring back natural GLOW.
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Well-aging smoothie
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This smoothie helps to restore and maintain skin’s firmness! BIO-KLINIK’s deeply moisturising toner prepares the skin to receive the active ingredients it needs making the serum and cream more effective. The collagen cream contributes to the formation of collagen and elastin, and the vitamin c night serum is responsible for stimulating the renewal of skin cells.
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Important! In some situations, we want to ensure that our skin has a solid protective layer, for example, in extreme weather conditions such as winter cold or intense sun, which causes the moisture to evaporate.

In such circumstances, you can still make a smoothie with toner and cream, but as the last layer, apply the product of your choice consisting of fatty acids, natural wax, or both. For example, Arctic Face Cream with beeswax is suitable for the top layer (beeswax protects best, preventing moisture loss like a film layer). Try Sunberry Day Serum with Turmeric – a natural protection against UV radiation, blue light, and other external stressors.

Foto: Mirjam Loddes

With intense sunlight, applying a toner under your moisturizer is a good idea. It protects against UV exposure while also hydrating. For example, NUDIST is suitable for the face and body. Make sure you have enough water with you before you go sunbathing! Sunburn is most likely to occur with dry skin, as a lack of hydration causes the burn. An after-sun smoothie with a refreshing Lavender Hydrosol and BIO-KLINIK moisturizer will restore evaporated moisture and soothe the skin.

People sometimes ask why we do not make a single, all-in-one product that contains all the substances needed for the skin. The answer is simple yet multifaceted.

Firstly, smoothies make it possible to combine the best products for you. It is more exciting and diverse.

Secondly, you can adjust the oiliness/lightness of your skincare product – if you want a fresher effect, add more toner and less cream, or if you need a heavier product, add more cream and less toner.

Thirdly, with natural products containing minimal ingredients, we can provide you with purer and higher-quality skincare.

We wish to create efficient, heat-treatment-free products free of emulsifiers and strong preservatives. It’s all for the wellness of your skin!

Suppose you don’t want to use creams because of thickeners or emulsifiers. In that case, you can make a smoothie with only toner and oil serum, without emulsifiers. You don’t always have to be afraid of them because we recently replaced many thickeners with local algae from Estonia. It means that your skincare routine has fewer components, ensuring that your skin receives the purest care possible while preserving the environment from overconsumption.

You also support local Estonian small businesses and farmers – the power of nature used in LUMI products comes from them! #supportlocal

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