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Mirjam’s Skin Story

“I have always had dry and sensitive skin, along with pigmentation spots and milia. Being nearly 40 years old means that wrinkles, fine lines, and skin flaccidity are more prominent. In other words, I have high expectations for skincare products.

For several years, I used a relatively expensive and highly praised brand’s products. While it did improve my skin issues, they never completely disappeared. Moreover, I had to visit the beautician frequently to prevent my skin from breaking out, roughly every 2-3 months, which became quite costly.

With cautiousness and some reservations, I decided to give the LUMI brand a try. Could all these promises actually be true?! Now, after having used LUMI products for over 2 months, I can confidently say that I will continue using them because my skin has never been in such great condition! And I’m not exaggerating! No more pimples, no milia, and my pigmentation spots have significantly lightened. After washing my face, my skin feels soft and no longer tight like before. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is no longer greasy, and here’s the best part – I have stopped using foundation altogether because I no longer need it. My skin tone is even, and my skin looks healthy.

Don’t panic if you initially face some challenges or notice a temporary decline in your skin’s condition. The ultimate results will be worth it, 100%!”.