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Kelli’s #skintakeover: “All you need for beautiful skin is the sun and LUMI”


“My name is Kelli, and I’m a 19-year-old high school student. From a young age, I’ve understood the importance of using high-quality and natural products at home. I’ve been familiar with LUMI for some time now, and one of my favorite face care products is their AHA-BHA cleansing milk. Unfortunately, I’ve struggled with various skin problems for quite a while. When I was younger, I had eczema under my nose, and now I constantly deal with pimples and the resulting scars. In addition, I have very dry skin overall, and I’m constantly searching for a new and better solution to keep it moisturized. I really hope to finally achieve healthy skin, and I’m relying on your help.”.


Since I was a child, my skin has been plagued by various problems – dry patches, pimples, heavy sebum production, uneven skin tone. I have been to a dermatologist (used an ointment that is so strong that it even took the color off the towel used to dry it after washing) and tried to improve the situation myself, testing all kinds of products from different brands. The initial wow effect has faded pretty quickly for all of them. LUMI facial care products have given me the best results so far, and the spring sun has also played its part.

My first experience with LUMI happened at an Estonian fair, where I encountered a woman selling her own handmade cosmetics. Intrigued, I asked her for a recommendation, expressing my desire for products that could give me the same beautiful skin she had. Surprisingly, she confessed that she actually uses LUMI herself. Naturally, I was curious to find out more about LUMI. That’s when I had the chance to try the LUMI Tundra series products, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. So when the opportunity arose to embark on a 4-week journey with LUMI, I didn’t hesitate for a moment.

My daily skincare routine with LUMI products is refreshingly simple, which is a major plus. In the morning, I start by washing my face with cold water and then gently pat it dry. Next, I apply the Selgus meadowsweet hydrosol, followed by the Sunberry day serum. Throughout the day, I keep my lips moisturized with the CBD+ lip balm, nourish my body with the BIO-KLINIK body cream, and make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

In the evening, I begin by thoroughly cleansing my face using the AHA-BHA cleansing milk. I let it sit on my damp face for a while before rinsing. Then, I follow up with the Selgus meadowsweet hydrosol once again. For any problematic areas, I use the Pimple Stopper treatment, and I finish off by applying the BIO-KLINIK face cream to my entire face. Occasionally, I swap out the creams for the HALO moisturizing mask, leaving it on overnight for added hydration.

Additionally, for a deeper exfoliation, I sometimes incorporate a 15% AHA acid peel into my routine.

Initially, I experienced some small bumps on my forehead when I started this routine. However, they disappeared quite quickly. From that point on, everything started to improve, and I no longer have to deal with excessively shiny skin halfway through the day. Dry patches are now a thing of the past as well. What’s particularly great is that my skin doesn’t feel dry or uncomfortable after using the cleansing milk. I’ve also noticed a reduction in the number of pimples, and my old scars have begun to heal. It’s truly a positive transformation for my skin.

Most importantly, throughout this journey, using these products has been an absolute pleasure. Taking care of my skin has become an enjoyable experience because I know that these products are crafted with love, with a deep understanding of what the skin truly needs.

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“My skin story began in my adolescent years, when, like many other teenagers, my face began to suffer from milia and acne. Looking back on that time now, I know I could have changed my diet, skincare routine, and lifestyle as a whole. Unfortunately, I was an impossible young woman who didn’t take care of her health for years.”