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Estonian miracle plants and ingredients of LUMI

In addition to being a healing sanctuary for the soul, forests in Estonia are also home to various mystical, magical plants used for generations by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers for their medical and cosmetic benefits. The world of plants is much more fascinating than we might think! LUMI’s heart beats in sync with nature, and every cream jar is full of power from local Estonian nature.

We gather all of our natural ingredients ourselves. We make tinctures, oils, floral waters, and serums with minimal heat and processing.

Let’s take a look at some oil-free products. They are 90% to 100% based on local hydrosols and made from freshly picked plants to extract the plant’s cell water, which is full of nutrient-rich minerals, phytosterols, antioxidants, and other botanical chemicals. These components give hydrosol its aromatic and therapeutic properties.


Birch has always been a part of native Estonians’ beauty routines. Birch sauna whisk and birch sap are known to all Estonians. It seems as though they were made for beauty treatments. Birch leaves have the best therapeutic properties when they are harvested before Midsummer. You can enjoy the benefits of birch’s beauty powers all year long with our Refreshing birch mist and FLIRT hyaluronic acid hair-spritzer. Birch relieves swelling and heals wounds on the skin, strengthens hair, and speeds up hair growth.


Oregano, found in FLIRT hyaluronic acid hair-spritzer and ÕRNUS oregano hydrosol, has been used since ancient times to treat pimples, scabs, and cold sores. Oregano helps to heal wounds and purulent skin infections. Oregano gives hair a wonderful aroma and makes hair easier to comb.

Mint and melissa

NAKED and NUDIST serums with hyaluronic acid and SUPERBLOOM Sking Toning Gel-Tonic have a slight mint or melissa aroma. Melissa and mint are not used just for a refreshing smell. They are also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, reducing swelling and redness. Mint has a cooling effect. It narrows blood vessels, reduces redness and helps with itching skin.

Fireweed – Epilobium angustifolium

One of the reasons we recommend NAKED or NUDIST serum for sunburn is the fireweed extract in them. Fireweed is an efficient helper for treating mild burns. It also helps with eczema, acne, and other skin rashes.

Flower waters

Wild rose, Lavendel, and Mock Orange hydrosols are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. By the way, ageing is also an inflammatory process. Peony hydrosol is ideal for adding freshness to mature and dry skin.

SELGUS Meadowsweet Hydrosol helps with eczema and skin inflammations. The plant’s antibacterial effect comes from flavonoids and salicylic acid. Because of the pleasant aroma, it was also thrown on floors, especially dance floors! Unisex MEN Aftershave Toner and RAHU aftershave are very suitable for sensitive, acne-prone and dry skin. Vitamin E and other antioxidants protect, soothe and nourish the skin and are good for ageing skin.


We used algae in our NUDIST, NAKED, and HELLO eye serums because they are rich in antioxidants and powerful in slowing the ageing process, lightening the skin, and moisturising it. HELLO Eye Serum has cornflower hydrosols in it. The serum has a cooling, refreshing effect and reduces swelling.

Photo: Caroline Sada


Hello eye serum
34.00 -
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Hello eye serum is an effective helper in dealing with dark circles, dryness, and swelling. Innovative and multifunctional - suitable for both men and women, as a morning refresher and evening moisturizer. The Hello effect is fast so that your eyes can shine in any situation!
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Nudist Hyaluronic Acid Body Serum
29.00 -
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Perfect assistant before and after sunbathing, after shaving, and with discomfort, redness, and eczema… or just because! Lifeless skin, dryness and irritation – see you never!
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NAKED hyaluronic acid multiserum
43.00 -
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We all want healthy and glowing skin. Naked is beautiful in its own right. An oil-free prebiotic designed to help your skin reach its best. Get ready to be surprised!
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RAHU unisex aftershave
18.00 -
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The herb Artemisia has a calming effect on your skin and mind. Perfect facial water for people with (extremely) sensitive skin to use daily. Men and women can use this hydrosol after shaving to calm their skin.
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SELGUS Meadowsweet Hydrosol
21.00 -
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Flavonoids and salicylic acid in meadowsweet have antibacterial properties. Balance your skin with this hydrosol after cleansing to prepare your skin for next skin care product.
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Wild rose hydrosol
Out of stock
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Wild rose hydrosol is a perfect tonic for facial skin, especially caring for sensitive and aging skin, as well as for acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Wild rose blossoms are talented characters that can clean, tone, and moisturize your skin while also having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. In result you have quickly rejuvenating, soft, and smooth skin!
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Lavender hydrosol
9.00 -
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Lavender water is nature's rare and valuable gift for versatile skin and hair care. The healing effects of the plant have been confirmed by several studies, and its healing properties vary from person to person, according to individual point of concern.
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Mock orange hydrosol
Out of stock
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Mock orange hydrosol refreshes and is an ideal cooler that can relieve skin irritations.
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Superbloom Toning Mist
29.00 -
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Are you worried about wrinkles, bumps here and there, uneven distribution of pigmentation, or just your particularly demanding skin type that challenges you every day? Superbloom gel-tonic will not let you down! Thanks to a specially developed skin revitalizing composition, the product is suitable for using as daily facial water for both normal and problematic skin.
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Refreshing birch mist
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According to ancient folk wisdom, birch is known as a great stimulator of body and mind. The fresh scent of natural facial water will take you on a mind walk in the early morning birch grove.
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Flirt Hyaluronic Acid Hair-Spritzer
25.00 -
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Goodbye, thin, dull, dry, flat and tangled hair! Hello, shiny, healthy and fuller hair!
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